2023 Food and Drink Trends

Food and Drink TrendsFood and Drink Trends

Food and Drink Trends: The cost of living crisis, continued supply issues, and labor shortages will make 2023’s dining-out market a difficult one to navigate. But there is still a big need for tempting menus and deals. Eating out is a vital aspect of many of our lives, whether it’s because we love the cuisine, want to socialize, or it’s just more convenient.

Actually, according to 45% of customers, eating out is an “essential activity” in their lives. Nearly two-thirds of UK adults (64%) also stated that they would find it challenging to cease dining and drinking out despite the rising expense of living.


Additionally, 7 out of 10 people state that going out to dine and drink is still their favorite treat.

Because customers now have more options for what and where they can eat

and drink when they are away from home, it’s critical now more than ever to keep ahead of the curve by comprehending the major trends that are driving consumer decisions.

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