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30 Secret Menu Items at Every Fast Food Chain

Secret Menu ItemsSecret Menu Items

Secret Menu Items, While the majority of fast food restaurants seem to have more alternatives than one could possibly consume in a lifetime, the most alluring items are frequently those that are not on the menu. In reality, you could be dining a little more adventurously while your pals continue to order the same predictable items from their preferred fast food restaurant. Enter the hidden menu.

Fast food restaurants, like Chipotle and KFC, offer a tonne of delectably decadent secret menu items that are just waiting for customers to say the right words. Naturally, these aren’t regular luxuries. Luckily, you may choose a healthy fast food meal using our ranking of McDonald’s orders.

1. Chipotle Nachos

Try the nachos at Chipotle if your typical burrito order just isn’t cutting it. Employees at Chipotle will assemble a plate of nachos for you with all of your preferred toppings, although the cost is usually higher than the average menu item. Just be sure to research the nutritional value of your favorite Chipotle menu items before grabbing your next Tex-Mex lunch.

2. Five Guys Patty Melt

Change up your Five Guys order by ordering a patty melt instead of a regular burger. This burger from the secret menu has cheese, onions, and mushrooms on top, making it a substantial meal with at least some vegetables.

3. Arby’s Melt

Secret Menu Items, Although the Arby’s Melt used to be on the standard menu, most of its establishments no longer serve it. Fortunately, this high-protein favorite is still available. It adds plenty of cheddar cheese sauce to the chain’s classic roast beef sandwich.

4. Dairy Queen Coffee Blizzard

Not able to find a Starbucks for miles yet in need of a pick-me-up? Consider Dairy Queen. To give you the caffeine boost you require, there is a hidden Coffee Blizzard menu item created with coffee and ice cream.

5. Starbucks Butterbeer Frappuccino

Thanks to its Butterbeer Frappuccino, Starbucks may just become Harry Potter fans’ new favorite fast food restaurant. This beverage, which has a base of Crème Frappuccino and three pumps each of toffee nut syrup and caramel, is definitely deserving of a wizard. If you’ve recently indulged in a few too many Frappuccinos, consider offsetting your excesses with one of these scrumptious detox water recipes.

6. McDonald’s Grilled Cheese

Secret Menu Items, Salads aren’t the only veggie choice on the McDonald’s menu, so vegetarians can rejoice. Most shops will be pleased to accommodate your request for a grilled cheese sandwich.

7. Burger King Veggie Whopper

However, McDonald’s is not the only restaurant chain with hidden veggie alternatives. If you order a Vegetable Whopper at Burger King, a veggie patty will be used in place of the beef patty to create the chain’s well-known, enormous burger.

8. Five Guys Fatty Melt

Visit Five Guys if you want to fully give in to your cravings for junk food. You’ll definitely be full after ordering the chain’s Fatty Melt, a burger sandwiched between two grilled cheese sandwiches.

9. Taco Bell Enchirito

There are more Tex-Mex restaurants with some sneaky practices besides Chipotle. You can get an Enchirito at Taco Bell, a large burrito-enchilada hybrid that used to be on the chain’s regular menu.

10. Sonic Pickle-Os

Pickle-Os are a more interesting side option to go with your Sonic meal than French fries. Whoever has a major salt craving will love these fried pickles.

11. Starbucks Cinnamon Roll Frappuccino


Secret Menu Items, The Cinnamon Roll Frappuccino is the result of the union of two of your favorite things: your favorite dessert-like beverage and your favorite breakfast delight. Vanilla Bean Frappuccino base, white mocha syrup, cinnamon dolce syrup, and additional cinnamon dolce powder on top make up this beverage.

12. McDonald’s McGangBang

The most opulent fast food meal is this three-way. If you want to get your lips around this enormous meal, which combines a McChicken sandwich and a double cheeseburger, you’re going to need to start working those jaw muscles right away.

13. In-N-Out Burger Animal Style Fries

The West Coast chain In-N-Animal Out’s Style Fries are a big draw for customers, even if they aren’t exactly a well-kept secret. Thankfully, in spite of its name, even vegetarians can enjoy this treat, which combines French fries with cheese, onions, and In-N-renowned Out’s sauce.

14. Wendy’s Barnyard Burger

Just how much more luxurious has your Wendy’s order become? All of your favorite meats are combined in the off-menu Barnyard Burger, which is topped with fried chicken and bacon.

15. Burger King Suicide Burger

If you’re going to tackle the Burger King Suicide Burger, get your cholesterol tests ready. This burger comes loaded with bacon, a stack of cheese slices, and four meat patties.

16. Subway Pizza Sub

If your typical Subway sandwich isn’t what you’re in the mood for, order a Pizza Sub instead. This sandwich is an exact replica of the actual thing because it includes mozzarella, tomato sauce, vegetables, and pepperoni.

17. Jamba Juice Skittles

Although a lot of people choose Jamba Juice as an alternative to sweet coffee drinks, there is still a way to satisfy your sweet need there. When you order the Skittles smoothie, a concoction of lemonade, lime sherbet, frozen yogurt, and strawberries will be delivered to you; it will taste exactly like its namesake.

18. Chick-fil-A Fried Chicken Club

Combine the crispy chicken sandwich and the chicken club from Chick-fil-A if you can’t make up your mind. In this off-menu order, The Fried Chicken Club only substitutes fried chicken for grilled chicken.

19. Jack in the Box Bacon Bacon Cheeseburger

What is superior to bacon? plenty of bacon. Ask for the Bacon Bacon Cheeseburger the next time you’re at Jack-in-the-Box if you’re a bacon expert. For a salty sensory assault, this burger has bacon pieces and strips on top.

20. Whataburger Chicken and Pancakes

If there aren’t any southern restaurants nearby and you’re craving chicken and waffles, go to the closest Whataburger. The next best thing is the chicken and pancakes on this chain’s hidden menu.

21. Dairy Queen Frozen Hot Chocolate

Dairy Queen offers a variety of icy beverages in addition to blizzards. Order a rich Frozen Hot Chocolate if you’re in the mood for something chocolatey. Fortunately, you don’t always have to abandon your diet because you feel like indulging; these protein shake recipes are delectable and conducive to a flat stomach.

22. Arby’s Turkey Reuben

Adding a turkey Reuben to your Arby’s meal will help you lose weight. All of the flavors of a standard Reuben are included in this off-menu meal, which has a slightly lower calorie intake.

23. Chipotle Quesarito

Order a Quesarito, a burrito wrapped in a quesadilla, if your 10-pound Chipotle burrito isn’t substantial enough. The only drawback? Making this lava-like dish is something Chipotle employees detest.

24. McDonald’s Monster Mac

The off-menu Monster Mac makes Big Macs even bigger. This burger has up to eight additional patties in addition to the standard Big Mac toppings.

25. KFC Build-a-Bowl

One thing KFC insiders won’t let you know is that the company’s bowls can be customized completely. With personalized bowls, you can eat KFC every day and never get the same dish again, whether you prefer grilled chicken over fried or corn on top of your mashed potatoes.


26. Shake Shack Beer Float

Treat yourself to a beer float at Shake Shack after a long week at work. For a grown-up treat that’s well worth the long lineups, this hidden menu nibble swaps out the root beer in a float for alcoholic beer.

27. Chick-fil-A Blueberry Cheesecake Milkshake

We have three words for you if you’ve ever wondered how to optimize the number of calories in your Chick-fil-A order: Shake with blueberries and cheesecake. This extremely sweet beverage blends a complete slice of blueberry cheesecake with a vanilla milkshake.

28. Starbucks Zebra Frappuccino

Get a Zebra Frappuccino to make your Starbucks order much more Instagrammable. Half chocolate and half white chocolate make up this striped Frappuccino, which is garnished with whipped cream, chocolate drizzle, and chocolate chips.

29. McDonald’s Hash Brown McMuffin

Who says the hash browns you order for breakfast have to be on the side? The Hash Brown McMuffin, a classic Egg McMuffin with the hash brown in the center, is recommended by inventive McDonald’s customers.

30. McDonald’s Surf and Turf

McDonald’s serves surf and turf, however, it’s not quite lobster and fillet mignon. The creation of the fast food behemoth combines a Filet-O-Fish sandwich and a McBurger Supreme. Next time you have a burger craving, try one of these delectable, protein-rich snacks.


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