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7 Day GM Diet Plan for Weight Loss

GM Diet PlanGM Diet Plan

In 1985, General Motors established the original GM Diet Plan for its employees with the cooperation of the Food and Drug Administration and the United States Department of Agriculture. The goal was to make this personnel healthier and, as a result, increase productivity.

The early results were promising, with the workers losing significant weight in just one week, demonstrating increased efficiency, vitality, and confidence.

While the GM Diet Plan for weight loss has been regarded as a success and is seen to be simple to follow, most nutritionists do not endorse it. The diet has various negative effects that we shall examine later in the text, despite the fact that it causes quick weight loss.

At HealthifyMe, we think that a well-balanced diet is the best way to lose weight while also assisting the body in absorbing the nutrients it requires. Take a look at the finest Indian diet plan for weight loss if you’re seeking a diet chart to help you lose weight and stay healthy.

7 Day GM Diet Plan Chart for Weight Loss

The GM Diet Plan emphasizes the consumption of complex carbohydrates and low-calorie foods. When paired with increased water consumption, this can result in significant weight loss in as little as a week.

The goal is to eat just fruits, vegetables, brown rice, and chicken once a week. The plan, which was originally created for GM employees, is seen below.

Day 1All fruits – except bananas
Recommended fruits are watermelon and muskmelon
8 to 12 glasses of water
Day 2Large boiled potato
Cooked or uncooked vegetables of your choice without oil
8 to 12 glasses of water
Day 3All fruits – except bananas
Cooked or uncooked vegetables (except potatoes) of your choice without oil
8 to 12 glasses of water
Day 48 to 10 bananas
3 to 4 glasses of milk
8 to 12 glasses of water
Day 56 tomatoes
One cup of brown rice
12 to 15 glasses of water
Day 6One cup of brown rice
Cooked or uncooked vegetables (except potatoes) of your choice without oil
8 to 12 glasses of water
Day 7One cup of brown rice
Any vegetables
All fruit juices

7 Day GM Diet Weight Loss Plan Chart Indian Version

The Indian adaptation of the GM Diet Plan would be fairly similar to the original. However, while the original GM Diet allows for the intake of meat in the form of beef, vegetarian options will be substituted in India because a large percentage of the population does not consume beef.

Table of Content:

On days 5 and 6, non-vegetarians can take protein in the form of chicken, while vegetarians can replace the meat with a cup of brown rice.

GM Diet Plan Chart – Day 1

Start the diet by eating as many fruits as you want on the first day because there are no set guidelines for how much to consume or when to eat them. Watermelons and muskmelons, on the other hand, are highly suggested due to their high fiber content; you may also add apples, oranges, and papaya to your diet.

Another key aspect of the diet is to drink 8 to 12 glasses of water each day and to avoid starvation at any time during the day. If you get hungry at any point during the day, you can eat some fruits to satiate your hunger.

These fiber-rich, low-fat foods keep you fuller for longer, lowering your calorie intake. The increased water consumption will also help to remove toxins from the body and prepare it for the remainder of the diet.

On the first day, entirely avoid all veggies and only eat fruits. Bananas are one of the fruits that should be avoided. The first day should be a little easier because the monotony of the diet hasn’t set in yet. Stick to the strategy and you’ll feel active and energized the remainder of the day.

08:00 AM1 medium apple
A few plums or an orange
10:30 AM½ bowl of sliced muskmelon
12:30 PM1 bowl of watermelon
04:00 PM1 large orange or mosambi
06:30 PM1 cup of muskmelon and pomegranate salad
08:30 PM½ cup of watermelon

GM Diet Plan Chart – Day 2

Unlike the first day of the GM Diet, the second day consists solely of vegetables. These vegetables can be eaten raw or prepared to make them more appealing. Also, be sure that no oil is used in the preparation.

If you must have potatoes, avoid unhealthy options such as deep-fried or even a packet of your favorite brand of chips; however, you can eat vegetables at any time of day if you are hungry. Olive oil or butter can be used sparingly for flavor if absolutely necessary.

Vegetables provide the body with all of the nutrients it requires to stay alive. Potatoes provide necessary carbs, peas provide protein, while carrots and beans provide fiber and all-important vitamins. This will help rebuild the carbohydrate content in your body and provide you with enough energy to keep the diet going after a pretty low-carb day. On day 2, you must completely avoid fruits, according to the plan.

08:00 AM1 cup of boiled potatoes
10:30 AM½ bowl of cucumber
12:30 PM1 cup of lettuce, spinach, cucumber, and capsicum
04:00 PM½ cup sliced carrots and a glass of lemon juice with a pinch of salt
06:30 PM1 cup boiled broccoli and green peas
08:30 PM1 cucumber

GM Diet Plan Chart – Day 3

On the third day of the diet, a combination of fruits and vegetables must be consumed. These foods could be the same as what you ate the previous two days. Potatoes and bananas are the two foods that must be avoided.

Your body would have started to adjust to the new diet by the middle of the week. Fruits would be a pleasant addition to a day of eating solely veggies because the combination of fruits and vegetables also supplies the body with the benefits of high fiber and protein.


In order to flush out all toxins from the body, you’ll also need to drink 8 to 12 glasses of water. On the third day, in addition to renewing your body and providing it with all of the nutrients it requires, you can include the GM Diet Soup in your diet. This variation will also assist to please your palate and break up the monotony of the first two days.

08:00 AM½ bowl of muskmelon
10:30 AM1 cup of pineapple or pear
12:30 PM1 cup of lettuce, spinach, cucumber, and capsicum
04:00 PM½ cup sliced carrots and a glass of lemon juice with a pinch of salt
06:30 PM1 cup of boiled broccoli and green peas
08:30 PM1 cucumber

GM Diet Plan Chart – Day 4

On the fourth day, the bananas that were avoided for the first three days can finally be consumed, and you must eat 8 bananas in total. The consumption can be spread out over the course of the day’s meals and snacks. In addition, at breakfast, lunch, and dinner, each person should drink a large glass of milk. If this gets too routine, a bowl of soup might be added to the diet.

Bananas contain a lot of pectins, which aid digestion. They also give one’s body the quick energy boost it needs to keep going. They are heavy in potassium and low in salt, as well as other minerals.

Furthermore, the milk consumed on this day is a good source of potassium and calcium. The milk is enriched with Vitamin D, which helps to strengthen bones even more.

On Day 4, you must refrain from eating any fruits other than bananas. You can also use fig and soy milk instead of bananas and milk. Potatoes and sweet potatoes must also be overlooked.

08:00 AM2 bananas
10:30 AM1 banana
12:30 PMMilkshake (2 bananas + 1 glass of milk + a dash of cocoa powder)
04:00 PM2 bananas
06:30 PM1 banana
1 glass of milk
08:30 PM1 glass of milk

GM Diet Plan Chart – Day 5

Non-vegetarians can eat a lean protein source like fish or chicken breast on day 5, while vegetarians can take a bowl of brown rice. In addition, six large tomatoes must be consumed.

Non-vegetarians can eat roughly 500 g of baked or lightly fried skinless chicken with the 6 tomatoes, while vegetarians can eat a bowl of brown rice for lunch if they take care to use as little oil as possible. Drinking up to 15 glasses of water every day can help you counteract the high levels of uric acid your body will produce.

Brown rice contains a lot of fiber, which aids digestion. Chicken and fish, on the other hand, are good providers of lean protein. Additionally, fish contains omega-3 fatty acids, while tomatoes’ high fiber content aids digestion.

It’s vital to keep in mind that the vegetable potatoes and sweet potatoes, as well as the fruits and bananas, that were recommended earlier in the week, should be avoided. A bowl of GM Diet Soup can also be enjoyed as a mid-morning or evening snack.

09:00 AM3 tomatoes
12:30 AM½ cup of brown rice
Sautéed assorted veggies
04:00 PM2 tomatoes
06:30 PM1 bowl of brown rice
1 tomato
½ cup of sautéed veggies

Chart – Day 6

On Day 6 of the GM Diet, the person must consume either cooked or raw veggies. As previously stated, vegetarians should consume a cup of brown rice, while non-vegetarians should consume a lean protein source such as fish or chicken breast.

The sixth day, which has a similar pattern to the previous day but with the inclusion of cooked or raw vegetables, is another rather high food consumption day. Ensure that the veggies are boiled rather than fried and that salads do not have a thick dressing.

Except for tomatoes and potatoes, non-vegetarians can eat up to 500 g of skinless chicken with veggies. In addition to the foods from the previous day, the mix of veggies on day 6 provides the body with the fiber it requires. All fruits, as well as potatoes and sweet potatoes, should be avoided.

It’s exciting to see the effects of such a rigorous diet since the weight loss progress will now be visible on the sixth day.

09:00 AM1 glass carrot juice
12:30 AM½ cup of brown rice + ½ cup of veggies
04:00 PM1 cup of cucumber slices
06:30 PM½ bowl of brown rice
½ cup of veggie, chicken/cottage cheese

Chart – Day 7

On the final day of the 7-day diet, a cup of brown rice, a selection of veggies, and fruit juice would be consumed. Lunch can consist of a cup of brown rice and a bowl of cooked veggies. To complement the nutrient-rich vegetables, drink a glass of sugarless fruit juice after each meal or snack.

The grains and veggies will supply much-needed energy to keep the body running smoothly, while the fruit juices will aid in the removal of toxins from the system.

On the seventh day, like on the previous six, specific foods must be avoided. It’s best to avoid vegetables like potatoes and sweet potatoes, as well as fruits like banana, cherry, mango, and pear.

09:00 AM1 glass of orange/apple juice
12:30 AM½ cup of brown rice
½ cup of sautéed veggies
04:00 PM1 cup of watermelon/few assorted berries
06:30 PM1 bowl of GM Soup

GM Diet Plan Soup Recipe for Weight Loss

The GM diet soup is a crucial component of the diet. On any given day, it can be ingested in substantially larger quantities to ensure that one does not go hungry.


  • One cabbage
  • Three medium-sized tomatoes
  • Six large onions
  • Two green peppers
  • A bunch of celery
  • Half a liter of water


  • First, chop the onions and peppers. Place them in a pot and sauté them in olive oil till they turn mild brown.
  • Then, cut the tomatoes, celery, and cabbage and add them to the pot along with water.
  • It takes about 60 minutes for the soup to get cooked. The vegetables must be boiled and left to simmer. Next, season the soup with some salt and pepper, and enjoy a bowl of delicious soup.

Side Effects of GM Diet Plan

The GM Diet is well-known around the world. They do, however, have a number of negative side effects that should be considered before embarking on the regimen.

  • The diet is strong in fiber but low in protein, carbohydrates, and fats, so it may help you lose weight quickly. As a result, your body may be lacking in important nutrients.
  • The GM Diet can cause your body’s metabolism to slow down. While your weight loss process may not be harmed at first, it will become more difficult to maintain your body weight in the long run.
  • For metabolism, the body would use all of the fluids in the diet. As a result, the diet may cause you to get dehydrated.
  • Weakness, headaches, and hunger pangs are some of the other probable adverse effects of the GM Diet.

Expert Review

The genetically modified (GM) diet is a crash diet that goes against the fundamentals of a healthy diet. Though the weight reduction or results are immediate and obvious, the long-term consequences are far more harmful.

When you make a significant shift in your regular eating regimen, your body loses weight, and when you return to your regular diet, you gain back the same amount of weight, if not more, than you lost.

It is widely accepted that any diet that forces you to give up your daily main foods is unsustainable. Weight management necessitates regular excellent eating habits and a well-balanced diet that includes all of the essential elements.

Avoid unrealistic diets that need extra effort to entirely change your lifestyle, and instead, focus on balancing your everyday meals. This will aid in the maintenance of a healthy lifestyle modification and long-term weight management.

What Is The GM Diet?

The GM diet is a 7-Day eating regimen for fast weight loss.

It was developed by General Motors in 1985 to aid in weight loss among its employees. On different days, the staff members ate low-calorie food groups. The staff members shed up to 17 pounds by the end of the first week (7.7 kgs).

On different days, the staff members ate low-calorie food groups. The weight loss is said to have started as a result.

Due to this, many people used the GM diet as a quick fix to lose weight. Is it truly effective? Next, learn more.

Does GM Diet Really Work?

A very low-calorie diet might help you lose weight. However, these diets are risky and difficult to stick to. According to the GM diet’s supporters, it functions because of the following things:

  • It Has Few Calories: The ratio of calories you take to calories you expend when losing weight is determined. Your body changes to a negative energy balance when you eat fewer calories. You shed pounds because of this.
  • It Boosts Metabolism: According to popular belief, the meals in this diet plan will increase your metabolism and keep your body in a fat-burning state. However, there is no research to support this assertion.
  • It Contains Foods With Negative Calories: Foods with negative calories burn calories as they are processed and digested. This means that even when you eat, you still burn calories. Although “negative calorie foods” seem appealing, dietitians and nutritionists do not support the concept.
  • A Beneficial Detox: Flushing out pollutants could be aided by eating well and drinking plenty of water.
    Could Facilitate Digestion: Dietary fiber, which facilitates better bowel movements and digestion, is present in the fruits and vegetables in the GM diet. However, it is unknown whether or not the GM diet adheres to the necessary 25 g of dietary fiber per day based on a diet of 2000 calories (1).

GM Diet Benefits

Although there is no evidence to support the benefits of the GM diet, the following scientific facts about the foods that are part of this diet are true:

  • Fruits and vegetables are rich in antioxidants, which aid in the removal of toxins during the detoxification process.
  • Enhances Health – Fruits and vegetables increase immunity and enhance cellular processes.
  • Reduced consumption of sugar and other high-sugar foods helps to avoid weight gain.
  • The GM diet, however, could have certain negative consequences or dangers.
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Should You Go On The GM Diet To Lose Weight?

It’s difficult to lose weight. It necessitates persistence, time, and patience. Shortcuts like the GM diet or rapid weight reduction may solve a problem temporarily, but they are not appropriate for long-term weight loss. Long-term fat loss requires a good diet, regular exercise, 7-8 hours of sleep, and meditation. It is not worth jeopardizing your health and wellbeing to go on a diet that is not supported by science, medical professionals, nutritionists, and dietitians.

The GM diet is a low-calorie diet regimen that lasts for one week and is proven to help people lose weight quickly. Given the paucity of scientific data, it is nevertheless regarded as a fad diet and is not supported by dieticians and researchers. Fruits and vegetables make up the majority of the diet, with some non-vegetarian items only being permitted on the fifth and sixth days. Therefore, people could lose muscle mass, become weak, and tire easily if they don’t get specific nutrients that are necessary for the body. As a result, it is not recommended for sustained weight loss. For a well-crafted, personalized diet plan to help you lose weight in a healthy way, it is therefore advisable that you speak with a doctor or nutritionist.


The GM Diet Plan nearly ensures weight loss by emphasizing the consumption of complex carbs and low-calorie meals. Following the GM Diet, on the other hand, may result in an individual not acquiring the nutrients they require. Furthermore, it may make it harder to maintain one’s body weight after the diet has assisted in weight loss.


Is GM diet harmful?

While the GM diet is beneficial for short-term weight loss, it is not suggested for long-term weight loss. The diet plan is not validated by science, and it may lead to nutritional deficits in people.

How do I complete the GM diet?

The GM diet is a seven-day diet that must be followed strictly. To notice results after 7 days, you must stick to the food plan religiously.

How much weight can you lose in a week on GM diet?

The General Motors diet, often known as the GM diet, is a weight-loss program that claims to help you lose up to 15 pounds (6.8 kg) in just one week. The GM diet allows you to eat a variety of foods or dietary groups each day.

What is 7 day diet plan?

Weight Loss 7-Day GM Diet Plan Chart

Day 1All fruits – except bananas
Recommended fruits are watermelon and muskmelon
8 to 12 glasses of water
Day 2Large boiled potato
Cooked or uncooked vegetables of your choice without oil
8 to 12 glasses of water
Day 3All fruits – except bananas
Cooked or uncooked vegetables (except potatoes) of your choice without oil
8 to 12 glasses of water
Day 48 to 10 bananas
3 to 4 glasses of milk
8 to 12 glasses of water
Day 56 tomatoes
One cup of brown rice
12 to 15 glasses of water
Day 6One cup of brown rice
Cooked or uncooked vegetables (except potatoes) of your choice without oil
8 to 12 glasses of water
Day 7One cup of brown rice
Any vegetables
All fruit juices

How much weight can I lose in a week on fruit diet?

It promises to improve your skin and digestive system as well as help you shed 3-5 kgs in a week. Toxins must be released in order to flush fat from the body. A fruit-based diet will help you detoxify your body while also speeding up the healing process and assisting with weight loss.

Does GM diet reduce belly fat?

The GM diet has no effect on fat weight loss. In 7 days on the GM diet, it is impossible to lose any significant fat. Water weight will be the most significant loss.


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