Nia Long talks about how Will Smith handled the spotlight

How Will Smith handled the spotlightHow Will Smith handled the spotlight

How Will Smith handled the spotlight: According to People, Nia Long talked about her Fresh Prince co-star Will Smith and said that he had to bear the weight of perfection for a very long time.

Nia revealed of her co-star that he had a successful job due to his position in the spotlight. He was required to uphold the ideals of achievement and perfection as well as bear the image of a superstar.


how Will Smith handled the spotlight: Nia stated: “He will always have my love. He has a remarkable career and has borne the responsibility of trying to symbolize what excellence or perfection looks like for a long time.”

She went on to say this about how Smith handled the concept of a celebrity: “I don’t believe there was room to be human, at least not while we were growing up. I believe he can now function as a human.”


Nia and Will collaborated on the film Fresh Prince, in which Nia portrayed Smith’s character’s fiancée Beulah “Lisa” Wilkes.


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