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13 Things About LongHorn Steakhouse

Things About LongHorn SteakhouseThings About LongHorn Steakhouse

Things About LongHorn Steakhouse, Millions of diners enjoy steaks of all varieties at fair rates, along with a menu of delectable sides, starters, sandwiches, soups, salads, and desserts, at LongHorn Steakhouse, one of America’s most well-known steakhouse chains, which now has more than 500 locations worldwide.

Even while steak lovers may believe they are experts on everything there is to know about the LongHorn, only insiders have access to genuine information about what happens behind the scenes. Read on for all the best insider hints and secrets, from the smartest orders to make to the best prices.

1. Employees get great discounts

Although we don’t have access to the restaurant’s employee manual, feedback on Indeed indicates that the majority of ex-staff members received at least 50% off entrees and typically free sides and drinks during their shifts. Employees received a 25% discount on meals when they weren’t working, and many reviewers cited the food as the finest aspect of the job.

2. Get a free appetizer for your email

The next time you visit, you can get a complimentary appetizer like steakhouse wings with the purchase of a meal if you sign up for the Longhorn Steakhouse Email Club. Regular emails from the restaurant will also contain other offers, such as a free dessert on your birthday.

3. They’re being sued for underpaying employees

Unfavorable news: According to, LongHorn Steakhouse was accused of underpaying their tipped staff (i.e., servers and bartenders) by having them perform duties that were not part of their job description. Since they were not receiving tips for these tasks, they should have been paid a higher wage. A class-action complaint is pending.

4. Save money at lunch

Many Longhorns are open for lunch, and at that time, they provide a pretty comparable menu (albeit with fewer quantities and more affordable costs). Go there for fantastic bargains at lunch if you’re on a tight budget but still want a treat from the steakhouse.

5. It’s part of a bigger restaurant group

Although George McKerrow Jr. created LongHorn in Atlanta in 1981, Darden Restaurants now owns the franchise. With about 200,000 workers, the corporation also owns and runs well-known restaurants like Capital Grille, Seasons 52, and Yardhouse.


6. They hate order modifications when it’s busy

If it’s not really busy, employees don’t mind when you adjust your menu order, according to a Reddit post from a LongHorn line cook. They stated, “[I] feel a small sting when I get an order when the details/mods are actually leaking out of the screen in the thick of the rush.”

7. But they love cooking your steak

No job is flawless, but according to one line cook, the cooks genuinely care about the cuisine they prepare for you “I put my whole self into the meal. I appreciate watching a dish that has been expertly prepared and plated leave the table. It gives me great satisfaction, and I take proper pride in everything I produce.”

8. Your steak is never frozen

A LongHorn cook said, “If you thought you were receiving a frozen chunk of beef, you’re wrong “In reality, we don’t freeze our meat. The walk-in fridge is where it’s all kept. It is hand-cut every morning and put on a rack that is wrapped in plastic.”

9. They have a secret steak seasoning

The chefs in the back of the restaurant employ a secret seasoning to make the ribeyes and fillets taste so, so fantastic. An employee of LongHorn’s posted on Reddit, “LongHorn has a trio of seasonings that we normally utilize that really boost the flavor of pretty much everything we offer on the menu.” “Most everything gets a good seasoning before hitting the grill, although I’m not sure what the makeup of the spices is as they arrive pre-packaged off the truck.” If you want to recreate LongHorn’s distinctive flavor at home, you can actually purchase it.

10. The menu is low-carb and keto-friendly

You may simply prepare a low-carb meal using the comprehensive nutritional information provided by LongHorn on their website, which also includes carb counts. Some suggestions are any of their fire-grilled steaks, chicken wings without blue cheese dressing, a side salad (hold the croutons), or a veggie side with cheese. Yum!

11. Their house margaritas are the most popular drink


According to Delish, the margarita is LongHorn’s signature cocktail. Customers who love tequila choose the traditional version with lime, but there are additional options in strawberry, watermelon, and pineapple-coconut tastes.

12. You can switch up sauces for your apps

Do you enjoy hot chicken bites with sweet and sour chili-ginger sauce? To add some heat to these killer bites, order this sauce on the side with your Firecracker Chicken Wraps or Texas Tonion.

13. The founder also started another meaty restaurant

George McKerrow, the founder of LongHorn, teamed up with media tycoon Ted Turner to start Ted’s Montana Grill after leaving LongHorn. The focus of Ted’s is bison, with a strong emphasis on sustainability, rather than beef. According to Mashed, McKerrow said that he thought it was “ironic” that offering guests bison—a species that was once on the verge of extinction—had “really raised the population several-fold, and we’ve done so sustainably.”


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