Bean Lettuce Salad Recipe



Ingredients :

For Salad Dressing

Olive oil 4 tbsp

Black pepper 1tsp

Chaat masala 1tsp

Lemon juice 2tbsp

Salt as required

Ketchup 4tbsp

Chili sauce 2tbsp

Mustard paste 1tbsp

Garlic paste 1tsp

For Salad:

  • White beans 1cup
  • Kidney beans 1cup
  • boiled Corns 1cup
  • Lettuce(salad pta) 1cup
  • Iceberg half cup
  • Purple cabbage halfcup
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  • chopped Onion 1
  • chopped Cucumber 1cup
  • chopped Tomatoes 1
  • chopped Coriander 1bunch

• Take a bowl and mix all the dressing ingredients in it.
• Take another bowl, add all the salad ingredients.
• Now mix with dressing and serve.

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