Best Documentary Free Movies on YouTube


You can watch all of these fantastic documentaries free movies on youtube. And they will astound, inform, and make you tremble.

Do not be alarmed if you have watched every documentary offered on other streaming services (or simply do not have or cannot purchase any) as YouTube has a wide selection of compelling, dramatic, and informative documentaries. With 30 million premium subscribers who can buy or rent a large selection of incredible movies and TV episodes, YouTube concluded 2020 with 30 million subscribers. But even if you haven’t subscribed, you may still watch videos for free. Because YouTube often uploads new movies and programs for free viewing (though sometimes with ads).

To preserve the quality and consistency we always aim for and to reflect some of the best documentaries currently accessible on YouTube.

These are some of the best documentaries you can watch for free on YouTube. If you like learning about fresh and fascinating discoveries, examining real-life events, or solving a captivating true mystery.

1. Josef Fritzl’s Horrifying Crime

Josef Fritzl’s Horrifying Crime is a documentary about how a father’s horrifying deeds tore a family apart that is both emotionally difficult and expertly constructed. The unsettling story of a woman who had spent 24 years locked away in a cellar came to light in 2008. Elizabeth Fritzl gave birth to seven of Josef Fritzl’s children while she was imprisoned. And she was also beaten, raped, and attacked by her own father.


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With interviews and court records from reporters and attorneys who followed the Josef Fritzl case. The documentary examines a real-life monster, revealing how it damaged the family. And how he was able to hide his wicked deeds. Ironically, this free YouTube movie tells the Fritzl case story better than any other.

2. All Is Self

All Is Self explores how our civilization is based on the assumption that we are separate from nature. Allowing us to harm the environment and other people without feeling like we are destroying ourselves. It makes the argument that the disorder in our society is a reflection of the chaos in our own brains. Even if we occasionally may feel removed from the rest of the world. This documentary demonstrates how spiritual traditions from all around the world have understood this for ages and how modern science is just now starting to catch up.

The film educates us on the concept of oneness and how these spiritual practises have contributed to the conviction that all living things are members of our family, that we are one with nature, and that everything is self. Who knew that YouTube would provide free spiritual guidance?

3. A Certain Kind of Death

The award-winning documentary A Certain Kind of Death by Blue Hadaegh and Grover Babcock explores what happens to a person’s body after they pass away without any surviving family members. We are taken on a step-by-step day in the life of people who handle these dead at the Los Angeles County coroner’s office as we follow three cases. We are also shown the process of figuring out how they died and who to call to claim the remains.

They have a limited amount of time to locate the next of kin before they are compelled to cremate the dead, so they must act quickly. The hardships and significance of this process are revealed in a disturbing yet enlightening and intriguing way to the viewers. This uncomplicated film is a valuable, odd lesson in empathy.

4. The Atomic Cafe: free movies on youtube


The 1982 documentary The Atomic Café includes chilling narrator-free clips of newsreels. And footage released by the government throughout the ’40s and ’50s at the dawn of the nuclear age. It offers a sobering look at nuclear warfare and the false information and propaganda used by the United States throughout the Cold War.

The challenging film was released at a time when American skepticism and nostalgia were at their height and people’s faith in the government was at an all-time low due to the Watergate Scandal and the Vietnam War. Viewers can experience the frenzy and anxiety that pervaded the nation during that crucial time in history through the use of military training videos, vintage television broadcasts, and propaganda movies.

5. This Is The Zodiac Speaking

In the late 1960s, the Zodiac Killer’s unsolved killings plunged California into a state-wide state of panic as he rose to prominence as one of the most terrifying actual serial killers. When letters, purportedly written by the murderer, became a part of the mystery, it further increased the terror. The case ended up being the most tedious and challenging murder investigation for the law enforcement community at the time. Numerous theories have been proposed in relation to one of the largest unsolved crimes in American history. The Zodiac Killer (and a great David Fincher film).

Director David Prior explores the case once more in the retrospective film This Is The Zodiac Speaking examining many parts of the inquiry and incorporating interviews with the original detectives and surviving victims. The documentary examines the situation objectively but leaves room for the spectator to develop their own hypotheses and beliefs about who the Zodiac really is. This free short offers a thorough, tense, and amazing look into the killer, even though the Fincher movie is fantastic.

6. A Murder in the Family

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The victim’s mother, Margaret Davis, tries to show that her daughter-in-law was the one who killed a British businessman in the Philippines while he was sleeping in 2002. Davis was unaware that the most unlikely suspect was the mastermind behind it all when she received the phone call informing her that her son had died. A Murder in the Family raises the bar for suspense in true crime films. Offers insight into the case’s details. Shows how a mother unearthed the truth about her son’s death, and transports viewers on a rollercoaster trip as the tragic events take place.

7. World’s Scariest Drug

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The Devil’s Breath, commonly known as Scopolamine, is the subject of this Vice documentary. World’s Scariest Drug examines the various physiological impacts it can have on a person including the purported ability to render you incapable of exercising free choice. In th is documentary, freaked-out dealers and individuals who have personally used the drug are interviewed. This enables viewers to understand how the tale took a far darker turn than they had anticipated and to hear firsthand about the horror stories surrounding the World’s Scariest Drug.


8. Dear Zachary: A Letter to a Son About His Father

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Because he knew the subject of the 2008 documentary and added an unflinchingly tragic personal touch, because of this friendship. Kurt Kuenne’s work is utterly emotionally devastating. Hello, Zachary The focus of A Letter to a Son About His Father is Andrew Bagby. Who was discovered dead in a Pennsylvania park? The viewers get to observe how his ex-girlfriend, left for Canada after he passed away. Is suspected as the police inquiry progresses. Dear Zachary is quite upsetting, and as viewers, we can form our own opinions on the issue. Especially as more information about the woman in question becomes available.

Kuenne made a film to introduce the child to his father whom he had never met using interviews with family members and disturbing archival images. When the story took a more tragic turn, Kuenne decided to make it public. It’s one of the best free movies on YouTube, and it’s simply unforgettably good.

9. Citizenfour: free movies on youtube

free movies on youtube

Citizenfour is one of the most significant movies of the last ten years. Analyses Edward Snowden’s shocking discoveries concerning governmental monitoring. And the intrusive practices of the NSA and is entirely free with advertisements on YouTube. At the same time, Citizenfour also documents the unsettling hostility the government has for whistleblowers, fact-checkers, and truth-tellers through the difficulties Laura Poitras had while shooting the movie. The movie is organized similarly to a classic conspiracy thriller, but this one is unsettlingly real.

10. 13th: free movies on youtube

free movies on youtube

13th is a significant documentary that every American (or student of history) should watch. It is one of the few documentaries that Netflix is entirely free on YouTube (and has received over 13 million views as a result). The 13th Amendment to the United States Constitution. And its connection to the prison-industrial complex is examined in detail in Ava DuVernay’s film. The movie examines how slavery was never completely abolished following the Civil War. But was instead transferred to a vast political, judicial, and corporate structure that criminalizes Black bodies.

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