Charity project initiator wins award in the US


Charity project initiator wins award

Charity project initiator wins award: The American Chinese United Association recently presented Zhang Yinjun with an award in honor of her dedication to AIDS prevention, women’s empowerment, and the enhancement of youth education. Zhang is the founder of the AIDS Prevention Education Project for Chinese Youth and chairwoman of the Beijing Changier Education Foundation.

At ACUA’s annual award event on January 22, Angelo Puppolo, speaker of the Massachusetts House of Representatives, gave Zhang the International Women and Children’s Education Achievement Award.

More than 3.03 million people have benefited from Zhang’s AIDS prevention program, which has reached more than 1,200 universities, primary schools, and middle schools throughout China. She has also visited Yunnan Province, Sichuan Province, the Tibet Autonomous Region, and a few other isolated regions of China in order to aid in the alleviation of family poverty and make it simpler for local kids to obtain a high-quality education.


Charity project initiator wins award: She and the organization have also been actively collaborating with politicians, academics, and educators from other nations to improve the environment for the development of women and children and further defend their rights.


550 representatives from Asian communities in Massachusetts, Connecticut, and other states attended the awarding ceremony on the first day of the Chinese New Year, demonstrating the strong sense of community among Chinese Americans from all over the nation.

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