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The comic team of Cheech Marin and Tommy Chong, better known as Cheech and Chong movies, has the exceptional distinction of remaining culturally relevant from the 1970s to the present. After all, what’s not to love about these two, with their endearing demeanor and stoner sensibilities? Their stand-up comedy routines and musical sketches in the 1970s dealt with Latino and stoner culture, political satire, dark and character comedy, and the ups and downs of daily life. They made their first movie together once their popularity on the comic circuit increased.

After its 1978 premiere, Up In Smoke soon gained a cult following and box office success. Soon after, Cheech & Chong’s Next Movie, Nice Dreams, Things Are Tough All Over, and Still Smokin’ were released as sequels. The less well-known Corsican Brothers, which they released in 1984, was a departure from their usual stoner comedies. But Get Out of My Room, which they released in 1985, marked a comeback.

However, the pair would soon separate ways. They would go on to work independently on a number of other projects, including writing, performing, and creating what (according to the 2003 federal agents who raided Chong’s glass factory) may or may not have been pretty cool but unlawful drug paraphernalia. Would later they come back together in the 2000s and perform musical and sketch comedy across the nation. They have only so far released one film since their reunion, which was Cheech & Chong’s Animated Movie in 2013.

Now, here is every Cheech & Chong movie in chronological order. Whether you were raised in East Los Angeles or merely enjoy the pair from a smoke-filled room abroad.

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1. Up In Smoke(1978)

The earliest movie starring Cheech & Chong is also one of their most cherished works. The narrative centers on Anthony Stoner (Chong), a stoner who doesn’t have a job and wants to be a drummer. He flees his home to make his way in the world after his strict parents threaten to send him to military school. He meets Pedro De Pacas (Marin) along the way. And the two quickly become friends as a result of their shared interests, one of which is marijuana. The two are detained for possession but released due to a procedural error. As a result of drug smuggling, being unintentionally deported to Tijuana. And an epic Battle of the Bands conclusion where everyone gets high as a result of a van spewing marijuana smoke into the venue, there are many other mishaps. Despite being more than 40 years old, the movie nevertheless has a cult following.

2. Cheech & Chong’s Next Movie(1980)

In order to find some roaches, Cheech & Chong, playing themselves, spend the entire movie destroying Los Angeles. The two travel to Cheech’s girlfriend Donna to try to collect unemployment benefits after Cheech loses his job in the film industry (Evelyn Guerrero). However, because of their propensity to stir up trouble. They wind up getting tossed out of the welfare office and look for other sources of revenue. With the interesting addition of “space coke” to spice up the duo’s customary high antics. The plot of this movie deviates even more from the norm than the one in the first. It involves extraterrestrial abductions.


3. Nice Dreams(1981) | cheech and chong movies

Cheech & Chong, who are once again playing themselves. Start selling marijuana out of an ice cream truck in an attempt to become rich. They are able to elude law authorities and earn a sizable sum of money because of their frozen front. Unfortunately, one of the police officers attempting to break Cheech & Chong’s ice cream company becomes a lizard monster after ingesting a peculiar strain of marijuana that transforms its users into lizard monsters. The pair’s marijuana supplier goes out of business and forces them out of business, and the movie concludes on a funny note. So, in order to generate money, they adopt the aliases Maui and Wowie and become male strippers.

4. Things Are Tough All Over(1982)

Aspiring artists Cheech & Chong begin the movie laboring at a car wash to make ends meet. Unfortunately, they are forced to labor and perform at a club owned by Mr. Slyman and Prince Habib after making mistakes at work (Cheech & Chong). Slyman and Habib need a way to move their significant amount of illicit money from Chicago. Where they are now, to Las Vegas, where their secondary business is located. Under the pretense that they are sending the musicians on a “rock tour,” they stow it in a limo and tell Cheech & Chong to drive it to its destination. Of course, nothing turns out as expected.

5. Still Smokin (1983) | cheech and chong movies

The “marijuana capital of the world,” Amsterdam, extends an invitation to Cheech & Chong to attend a comedy show. When they get there, it turns out that the person who invited them dipped and took all the money. Cheech & Chong must therefore perform a stand-up routine while assuming the roles of Burt Reynolds and Dolly Parton in order to rescue the program. The stand-up routine of the duo. In which the sketches are delivered as cutaway jokes, which is the main focus of the movie. The movie received poor reviews, yet it was ironically nominated for just one award during its year of release: The Stinkers Bad Movie Award.

6. Cheech & Chong’s The Corsican Brothers(1984)

cheech and chong movies

With a slogan like that “Paris was visible. France was seen. They witnessed the Queen in her undies, “You are fully aware of what to expect. Strangely enough, the movie is a satire of The Corsican Brothers by Alexandre Dumas. The plot (and subsequently the movie) centers on two conjoined twins who, although physically separated. Are nonetheless able to experience each other’s anguish and joy. In Cheech & Chong’s version, the late 1700s are the time period. This naturally results in the two bringing about the French Revolution and removing the Queen’s (Edie McClurg) sadistic regent Fuckaire, given the duo’s well-known plan of acting out of control wherever they go (Roy Dotrice).

7. Get Out of My Room(1985) | cheech and chong movies

cheech and chong movies

In order to try something a little more realistic, this movie strays from Cheech & Chong’s customary fantastical tales. Get Out of My Room, with a running time of just under an hour, is both a movie and an album. It features Cheech & Chong doing a parody documentary about themselves in the vein of This Is Spinal Tap. It depicts the two working to make a parody “video album,” which included bogus interviews, and behind-the-scenes pictures. And appearances by celebrities including Cassandra Peterson and Beverly D’Angelo. The movie, which would be the final one Cheech & Chong would make together before their breakup in 1986, was unquestionably experimental for the two.


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8. Cheech & Chong’s Animated Movie(2013)

cheech and chong movies

In addition to being the first (and thus far only) Cheech & Chong movie to be released after their reunion, this entry stands out on the list since it is also their sole animated movie. Previous films would frequently borrow elements from the duo’s stand-up routines, characters from their sketch performances, and songs they had written, but it was frequently just a small portion of an overall story that was largely unique. But in this case, the movie is virtually completely pre-existing material bound together by a shaky wraparound plot about a body crab named Buster (Chong). In the movie, Cheech portrays Pedro De Pacas, who you might recognize from the first movie on our list, while Chong plays a guy named Man. Many of the two comedians’ most well-known sketches, such as “Sister Mary Elephant,” “Earache My Eye,” and “Dave,” are animated in the movie.

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