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IHOP Restaurant Near Me

IHOP Restaurant Near Me Where is the nearest IHOP right now? And, IHOP is a chain of restaurants serving pancakes.

IHOP is a multinational American restaurant brand with a focus on American morning fare. It is owned by Dine Brands Global, a business whose formation followed IHOP’s acquisition of Applebee’s and whose 99.9% of eateries are run by independent franchisees.

Although IHOP specializes in breakfast cuisine, it also has a lunch and dinner menu. With 161 owned by local licensees and 1,680 franchised locations, the company has 1,841 locations across the Americas (the United States, Canada, Mexico, Peru, Ecuador, and Guatemala), the Middle East (the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar), and the Indian Subcontinent (India and Pakistan). The chain’s minimum operation hours are from 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m., while many of its locations are open around the clock.

To find out how to find IHOP near you 24/7, please read this post from top to bottom.

How to find an IHOP nearby my location

1. Use the IHOP location finder

IHOP Restaurant Near Me Enter your state, city, or zip code in the search box at ihop.com to find a restaurant close to where you are. The official shop locator looks like this:

IHOP Restaurant Near Me

You may see how many IHOP restaurants are close to you after entering your location in the search box; for instance, “New York” results are shown below.

IHOP Restaurant Near Me

Every restaurant has a local website with further details, directions, and even information about job openings.

2. Use the map

To locate IHOP restaurants in your area, use the Google map below.

3) Use the search box

To find I Hop, use the search bar on this website. Below is a list of the top searches so you can get some inspiration.

  • IHOP menu
  • IHOP coupons
  • IHOP near me
  • Free Pancakes
  • IHOP Canada / Las Vegas / Other locations
  • International house of prayer

IHOP opening hours

The majority of restaurants are open from 7 AM to 5 PM, while there are certain locations with alternative hours. We advise you to check the location’s hours of operation on the company’s official website before visiting. (View response #1)

Follow the directions below to find the closest location if you’d like to know the IHOP phone number close to you.


I have to be honest. I adore pancakes from IHOP. Despite the fact that I usually like savoury foods, breakfast is one of my favourite meals to order at restaurants. I enjoy having bacon, eggs, or chicken fried steak. BUT whenever we visit IHOP, there is always one exception. I always order the pancakes there. They are incredible! especially when combined with their butter pecan syrup. Yum!


These pancakes were fantastic. They were deemed to be BETTER than IHOP’s by my family. I’m not sure, but perhaps it’s because they were handcrafted. They truly were fantastic!


Please think about checking out the information you need at IHOP’s official website at ihop.com as well. This site is not affiliated with IHOP.

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