Incredible Treehouses You Can Actually Rent


Treehouses You Can Actually Rent

Treehouses You Can Actually Rent, A treehouse is far more enticing than a typical street house because it is suspended in the treetops and covered in lush branches (Shel Silverstein said it best in Where the Sidewalk Ends). Now you may live out your childhood fantasy of staying in a fully equipped treehouse.

33 treehouse rentals worldwide, ranging from high-end hotels to budget Airbnbs, have been compiled. These warm, elevated buildings are ideal for private getaways because they are surrounded by nature. Each lofted home boasts breathtaking vistas, whether you prefer a modern treehouse with all the bells and whistles or a rustic treehouse for an off-the-grid experience. To reserve your ideal treehouse rental, continue reading.

1. The Extraordinary Treehouse

Treehouses You Can Actually Rent

This Dallas-based rental lets visitors forget they’re close to a busy city because of its seclusion alongside a rushing creek and tree-lined gravel walks. Added bonus: A lake is accessible on foot. A magnificent, handcrafted home in a private setting with a babbling creek and dazzling light filtered by innumerable Japanese Maples, fusing Bauhaus contemporary with warm rustic elegance. Gravel footpaths winding beneath a forest canopy lead to the footbridge crossing Ash Creek and the entrance to the Treehouse. This historic, private property is tucked away in Little Forest Hills and is simply wonderful.

2. Canopy Treehouse

Treehouses You Can Actually Rent

Even though it is only 350 square feet, this eco-friendly tiny house in Sanford, Maine, tucked away amid the trees, provides everything you need for a comfortable stay. A complete kitchen with cooking utensils, necessary appliances, and more are available. Queen-size beds are present in the loft, and the sleeping pod is linked. Not to mention, there are stunning vistas of trees that, in the words of the owner, “filter the early morning light” with green glass.

3. Secret Bay

Secret Bay, a small Caribbean hideaway, is a romantic retreat’s ideal location. It has everything, including an outside BBQ and kitchen, a private plunge pool, and an outdoor shower.

4. La Cabane Perchée Treehouse

Treehouses You Can Actually Rent

This adorable tiny Airbnb treehouse, which resembles something from Disney’s Swiss Family Robinson, is ideal for anyone searching for a peaceful, unusual location to stay while visiting France. The tiny cabin looks out over a stunning panorama of the surrounding area.

5. Rural Treehouse

Treehouses You Can Actually Rent

At the upmarket Italian bed-and-breakfast La Piantata in the bucolic setting of Arlena di Castro, you may stay 26 feet above the ground. The upscale treehouse’s visitors can ascend a winding staircase for a picturesque view of the olive garden.

6. Wilderness Treehouse

In Australia’s Blue Mountains, this remote treehouse overlooks 600 acres of pristine nature. The treehouse, which is intended for adults, has a queen bed, a fireplace, and floor-to-ceiling windows with breathtaking views of Bowen’s Creek Gorge.


7. Double Decker Treehouse

With a stay at this magnificent, two-story treehouse getaway at the entrance to Glacier National Park in Montana, you may realize your ideal of living in a cabin in the woods to new heights. The chilly retreat is perfect for outdoor explorers, and the roomy accommodations, which include a full kitchen and bathroom, welcome you home after a day of adventure.

8. Bali Treehouse

Never mind about bringing snacks. During their island getaway, guests of this well-liked Airbnb accommodation in Indonesia can walk the garden and gather fresh coconuts, papayas, and passion fruit.

9. San Jose Treehouse

This stunning treehouse in San Jose is perched on a hilltop and provides a view of Silicon Valley. The 250 square foot, the rustic home has all the conveniences you could want and is accessed by a winding stairway. During your visit, you should unwind on the deck surrounded by three sycamore trees.

10. Willow Treehouse

Make a reservation at this Airbnb if you prefer a more low-key treetop experience. It has big living quarters, midcentury modern decor, and a picture window that views out over a lake. Furthermore, it’s only fifteen minutes from Woodstock, New York, so you may visit the charming downtown area while you’re here.

11. Mountaintop Lookout Treehouse

This remote retreat in southern Oregon is definitely something out of a dream, rising 40 feet above the earth and encircled by the breathtaking Umpqua National Forest. While soaking in the solitude of the mountains, visitors can take advantage of modern conveniences like hot and cold running water, a functioning stove and oven, and a wood-fired, spring-fed hot tub.

12. Swing Treehouse

It’s obvious that this is not your typical treehouse. The three-story little house, which is a part of Camp Wandawega, has several swings, a library, and other fun surprises.

13. Mirrored Cube Treehouse

You can pick from six various modern tree rooms in the midst of nature at the Treehotel in Harads, Sweden. The Mirrorcube has a rooftop terrace of its own.

With mirrored walls that reflect the environment, The Mirrorcube is a thrilling hiding place among the trees. The size is 4 x 4 x 4 meters. Reflective glass covers the walls, which have an aluminum frame surrounding the tree trunk as the base.

The plywood used for the interior has a birch surface. The breathtaking panorama is visible through the six windows. The bridge is 12 meters long and goes to the tree room. The Mirrorcube, which has a double bed, restrooms, a lounge, and a rooftop terrace, provides good lodging for two people. Two separate structures nearby house the sauna and showers. We offer free WiFi in each of our treerooms.


Britta’s Pensionat is open to Treehotel visitors and offers breakfast, lunch, and dinner in a setting that is true to the 1930s to 1950s. There is a restaurant, a bar, and a leisure room with a sauna, TV, and internet access. After checking in at Britta’s Pensionat upon arrival at Treehotel, guests proceed to their tree room after a brief stroll through the hotel’s stunning natural setting.

14. Scottish Treehouse

Here’s a great reason to hop over the pond. Numerous weddings have taken place in this romantic Scottish cottage, which looks out over a breathtaking loch (and it’s not hard to see why!).

15. Treehouse With Rope Bridges

This fairytale forest in Atlanta, Georgia, one of the most well-liked Airbnb properties ever, will make your childhood dreams come true. Swinging rope bridges connect the bedroom, living room, and deck.

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