Top 11 places to go for New Year’s Eve in the UK

New Year’s Eve in the UK

New Year’s Eve in the UK, The end is near… At least the year’s end won’t be particularly dramatic, but perhaps you’re thinking about how to say goodbye to 2022 and hello to the brand-new. The sparkly year of 2023. We’ve selected 11 destinations in the UK for New Year’s Eve, from peaceful country retreats to boisterous celebrations in Scotland, England, and Wales. All you need to get started is a winter-ready campervan, which you can hire from Paul Camper.

Places to go for New Year’s Eve in the UK – Scotland

New Year’s Eve in the UK

Hogmanay, which roughly translates to “Stretch day of the old year,” is the name given to New Year’s Eve in Scotland, where the celebrations can last up to three days. Scotland offers two holidays following New Year’s Eve, in contrast to the rest of the UK, giving visitors more time to celebrate and making Scotland a fantastic destination for New Year’s Eve.

Great customs associated with Hogmanay include the first footing. Shortly after midnight, Scots visit their friends and relatives in an effort to be the first person to enter their homes. When visiting, customarily, gifts like coal for a fire or “black bun,” a dark rye bread, are offered. But enough about customs—here are 5 locations in Scotland to celebrate New Year’s Eve.

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1. The Edinburgh Hogmanay

New Year’s Eve in the UK

Hogmanay in Edinburgh is back and ready to light up the city and teach the rest of the globe how to party through 2023. It takes place from December 30 to January 1 and is regarded as one of the best ways to ring in the new year in the UK.

Be sure to get your ticket in order to attend one of the many fantastic events taking place during this time. On December 30, join the torchlight parade through the center of Edinburgh to witness the old streets being flooded with cozy light.

The Hogmanay street festival, which takes place on December 31 and features live music and a midnight fireworks show is held in front of the majestic Edinburgh Castle.

And on January 1st, join the lunatic doofus to get over your hangover. The Dockers parade is making its way down the high street on New Year’s Day to the River Forth at South Queensferry. In costume, participants are diving into the chilly river.

2. Stonehaven Fireball Festival

New Year’s Eve in the UK

For New Year’s Eve in the UK, Stonehaven, which is close to Dunnottar Castle on Scotland’s northeast coast, is a fantastic destination. On Hogmanay, there will be a parade with men and women dressed in kilts and swinging enormous fireballs as part of the Stonehaven Fireball Festival.

You read that correctly. Fireballs! The ceremony is meant to ward off evil spirits for the upcoming year, and the magic begins to happen as soon as the clock strikes midnight.

3. Places to go for New Year’s Eve in the UK – The Biggar Bonfire

New Year’s Eve in the UK

The Biggar Bonfire, which will take place in addition to the Stonehaven Fireball Festival, is yet to receive an official confirmation. But when it does, it will be enormous. In the Southern Uplands close to the River Clyde, in the town of Biggar in South Lanarkshire, a big bonfire is lit each year.

It can reach a height of 20 feet and is ignited at 09.30 PM on New Year’s Eve. Definitely no chance of cold feet here.

4. Hogmanay in Dufftown

The “Malt whisky capital of the world” is Dufftown, a burgh in Moray that is a part of the illustrious Mortlach parish. Purchase tickets to the Commercial Hotel’s Hogmanay Ceilidh and meet the neighborhood on the square just before midnight.


To see the bells and usher in the new year, drams of whisky and shortbread are shared. The Walkers Biscuit Company and the nearby Glenfiddich distillery are responsible for the whisky and shortbread, respectively.

5. Isle of Skye

The stunning Isle of Skye in Scotland ranks sixth on our list of places to visit for New Year’s Eve in the UK. This is the place to be if you want a peaceful start to the new year. And now what? Stargazing!

The best time to view the stars is from September through April when the sky is at its darkest. Particularly if you’re driving a campervan. The Isle of Skye has nine dark discovery areas where you can practice your astronomy photography or just count shooting stars with your loved ones. Very passionate!

Places to go for New Year’s Eve in the UK – England

There’s no denying that England has some amazing places to ring in the new year. There is something for everyone, from smoldering festivities to roaring fireplaces and breathtaking scenery.

6. Allendale Tar Bar’l

One of the most magnificent fire festivals in the nation is held in Allendale. A village and civil parish in southwest Northumberland, every New Year’s Eve for at least 160 years.

During the festival, 45 men march around the town while wearing flaming whisky barrels filled with tar on each of their heads. They then toss the burning tar into a ready-made bonfire in the center of the town. At midnight, this starts a massive bonfire to ring in the new year. Undoubtedly a sight to behold.

7. The Lake District

In Cumbria’s Lake District, you may trade blazing whisky barrels for a roaring fire if you don’t want to attend a crazy event. On New Year’s Eve, take in the scenic splendor of northwest England.

Gather with the people in Keswick at the clock tower for a countdown to midnight. Or Bowness-On-Windermere is a lovely place to celebrate with youngsters. Observe the fireworks show and the shimmering colors on the lake’s surface by congregat ing by the shore.


8. Places to go for New Year’s Eve in the UK – Newquay

The town of Newquay, which is located on the north coast of Cornwall, is well-known for its New Year’s Eve customs in addition to its stunning beaches and surf locations. It is typical to stroll through the town in extravagant costumes and fancy outfits on the final night of the year.

Join the residents as they make their way to the main square for the New Year’s Eve countdown and fireworks display at the harbor.

9. The Cotswolds

The Cotswolds is a rural region in south-central England that features picturesque rolling hills and historic villages. It’s ideal for spending a peaceful New Year’s Eve. Enjoy a farm-to-table feast at one of the neighborhood bistros or eateries while taking in the lovely English countryside.

Visit Broadway Tower, which is close to the same-named village, and take in the sunset if you want to take in a breathtaking vista. Or you may participate in the Festival of Lights at Blenheim Palace. A path that glows in the dark winds through the palace garden. Remember to purchase your tickets in advance! The glittering garden is accessible till January 2nd.

Places to go for New Year’s Eve in the UK – Wales

Wales is home to two of our final two suggestions for where to spend New Year’s Eve in the UK. Wales is famed for its rocky coastline, mountainous national parks, distinctive Welsh language, and Celtic culture. Grab your camper and let’s travel to Wales!

10. Snowdonia

Wales’s highest peak, Snowdon, and the national park that surrounds it cannot be overlooked while discussing the country. A more laid-back New Year’s Eve may be had in Snowdonia by taking in the scenery and spending some cozy nights in your campervan.

There are several winter hikes and climbs that are suited for both novice and experienced hikers. Consider taking a stroll around Lyn Llydaw Lake instead. Enjoy the stunning historical site with a breathtaking perspective of the surrounding area.

11. Barry Island New Year’s Day swim

In the southern portion of Wales, the town of Barry includes the coastal resort of Barry Island. There will be a really cool New Year’s Day swim on January 1. Since registration is already closed and there are plenty of people who want to plunge into the frigid ocean. You might not be able to take part, but watching is just as enjoyable and warmer.

Bring some hot cocoa and watch people run into the water while dressed in costumes. At 12.30 PM, the swim will take place at Whitmore Bay.

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