The Best Fish Tacos in Los Angeles


Fish Tacos in Los Angeles

At Fish Tacos in Los Angeles, there are many fantastic fish tacos in the city. Some of these are served by some of L.A.’s greatest taco stands and Mexican restaurants. Even though the city may not compare to San Diego in terms of Baja-style fish tacos. You can get fresh-catch fish tacos, fish tacos made in the Nayarit and Ensenada styles, and more upscale versions created by chefs here than you can toss a stick at. They are served grilled or batter-fried in all sorts of restaurants throughout Los Angeles. Including tilapia, swai, cod, Mahi, halibut, sea bass, marlin, and, infrequently, shark.

But you’ll have to make a sensible decision: a tasty fish taco can brighten your day. But one with chewy, overdone fish and subpar components can spoil your entire day. We’ve compiled a list of the top fish tacos in Los Angeles to spare you from this emotional rollercoaster of happiness and disappointment.

Best Fish Tacos in Los Angeles

1. Mariscos Jalisco

Fish Tacos in Los Angeles

The iconic tacos dorado de camarón from Mariscos Jalisco have gained them a passionate and devoted fanbase. As a result, they have become one of the long-standing heroes of the old-school taco trucks, also known as launchers. The priceless half moons live up to the promise with tasty, fresh shrimp rolled into a corn tortilla, fried to a golden brown, and topped with thick slices of avocado and a colorful, sophisticated salsa Roja. You should also leave enough for one of their fabled tostadas, like the Poseidon, which is topped with shrimp ceviche, octopus, and hot red aguachile shrimp. Check out their Instagram before you go, catch them in Mid-City, Downtown, Boyle Heights, and Pomona, and don’t forget to bring cash.

2. Coni’Seafood

Fish Tacos in Los Angeles

This Inglewood restaurant’s understated design and atmosphere are best characterized as “cool.” However, the food is colorful and spicy. Three different fish taco varieties are available here: crispy battered fish tacos with spicy crème and slaw; smoked marlin and cheese tacos, which are deep-fried entire for a crispy, greasy taste; and shrimp tacos with sautéed vegetables. Order a few things, but the Pescado zarandeado (grilled snook) is the place’s most well-known meal. It takes 30 minutes to prepare; if you ask for tortillas on the side, you can turn them into mouthwatering fish tacos.

3. Holbox

Fish Tacos in Los Angeles

The greatest Yucatecan-style mariscos in the city can be found at this tiny family-owned food stand run by Gilberto Cetina within South L.A.’s Mercado La Paloma. There are no wrong orders at Holbox, but the smoked kanpachi taco and plain Baja-style battered rockfish are particularly remarkable. The restaurant serves everything from vibrant, colorful ceviches to tostadas overflowing with uni. Get the scallop taco with chile x’catic sauce, caramelized onions, tomato, and marinated fennel for an even more delectable (and nuanced) seafood taco.

4. Angry Egret Dinette

Fish Tacos in Los Angeles

The wild-caught fish tacos made with local rockfish are one of the lunch menu staples at Wes Avila’s Chinatown café, which serves as a genuine breeding ground for the chef’s ever-evolving preferences. Each one is a flavour explosion you won’t soon forget, topped with mustard habanero and chipotle aioli, heirloom tomato molcajete salsa, cabbage, pico de gallo, and chili crunchy. You’ll typically find at least one seafood taco on the menu in the evening, though it may not always be made with Baja-style rockfish. The dinner menu is constantly changing and is heavily influenced by seasonality and the chef’s whims.


5. Ricky’s Fish Tacos

Fish Tacos in Los Angeles

Yes, we do hear you, haters; Ricky’s Fish Tacos does not create its own tortillas. And occasionally, more traditional angel shark is used in other Ensenada-style tacos rather than the less expensive basa catfish used here. However, Ricky’s is home to some genuine deep fryer magic. And to round out the menu, you may frequently find specials like lobster or smoked marlin. Fluffy fish and shrimp are encased in a crunchy, oregano-flecked batter to create mouthwatering deep-fried pillows of flavor. A terrific fish taco with plenty of crave-worthy morsels is made with crisp jalapeno slices and smokey red salsa. Expect a line and check their Twitter page for the most recent opening and closing times. We know we’re not the only ones who feel this way.

6. Best Fish Taco in Ensenada

Fish Tacos in Los Angeles

If the name doesn’t give it away, the fish tacos at this Los Feliz neighborhood taqueria are absolutely fantastic. Are they top-tier? Most likely unlikely, but many residents of the neighborhood will fiercely defend BFTIE. Fish tacos are $2.50, shrimp tacos are $2.95, and beverages are $1 at this little, vibrant restaurant with a thatched terrace, which feels like a tropical respite from the hectic streets of adjacent Hollywood and Hillhurst.

7. Guerrilla Tacos

Fish Tacos in Los Angeles

Despite the fact that its original chef Wes Avila is now innovating at Chinatown’s Angry Egret Dinette. Guerrilla Tacos continues to be a go-to destination for those seeking incredible fish tacos. Such as the “fish and chips” taco made with rock cod, shredded potato, pea-infused guacachile, and tartar sauce. Even though the prices are a little higher than average. The premium ingredients and creative sauces, and salsas always satisfy our craving for a tasty fish taco.

8. Tacos Baja

A traditional fish taco in the form of street food is made at this well-known Whittier taqueria with crispy sea bass that has been battered, cabbage and tomato slaw, crema, and red salsa. Try a Baja taco with a combination of shrimp and fish served within a flour tortilla for a little variety. The $1 fish taco special draws an especially large crowd on Wednesdays. But the bustling kitchen staff manages to keep the line moving. Order a few tacos, and go to the condiments counter to get some limes and roasted yellow peppers coated with chili powder. And then sit down to a straightforward dinner with a coastal influence.


9. Guisados

This neighborhood brand, which has seven locations throughout Los Angeles, finds the perfect balance between affordability and artisan quality. With grilled white fish, black beans, chile arbol, pico de gallo, cabbage, and an avocado-cilantro crema, Guisados’s homemade tortillas are prepared to order. They have a fajita-style shrimp taco with onions, peppers, and chipotle cream if you’re seeking another seafood alternative. The majority of sites have some type of patio seating, but if you end up inside. Observe the cooking process as you tuck into the delectable tacos and sip on a creamy, spiced horchata or a tart, refreshing Jamaica Aqua Fresca.

10. El Coraloense

This modest Bell Gardens restaurant’s vast seafood menu features a range of delectable fish ceviches and tacos. The influence of both coastal regions mingles at the establishment due to the fact that one owner is from Nayarit and the other from Sinaloa. We adore the taco a la diablo, which may be ordered with either fried fish or shrimp and is served on a bed of cheese in the tortilla. For more heat, add some house-made salsa.

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