The Bite of 87 Overview: A Quick Look Back on FNAF Lore


the bite of 87

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  • The Bite of 87 is a piece of folklore that was later turned into a meme that comes from the indie horror game Five Nights At Freddy’s, which has players viewing security cameras at a pizza restaurant that is haunted by living animatronic mascots.
  • The Bite of 87 was one of the game’s most well-known mysteries during the first few years of the franchise, leading players to speculate over which animatronic was to blame.
  • Since the Bite of 87 was added to the FNAF storyline, additional “bites” have been added to the game to give fans more material to mull over.

Look, there is no way you could have avoided learning about Five Nights at Freddy’s if you were online in the middle of the 2010s (FNAF). When players experienced the tight yet straightforward gameplay of Scott Cawthorn’s independent horror game. Which centered around keeping an eye on CCTV cameras to avoid being killed by pizza business mascots, it immediately gained popularity.

Yes, it seems like a fever dream, but that’s part of what made it so terrifying, along with the lore hints buried throughout the game that inspired players to construct their own ideas about what it all meant.

FNAF, whether you like it or not, changed independent horror and influenced later games like Not For Broadcast. When it comes to FNAF conspiracies, The Bite of 87 is the biggest one. Fan conspiracy theories made it live in our minds rent-free.

What Was the Bite of 87? And How Did End up Being a Meme?

the bite of 87

The Bite of 87 was an occurrence that occurred somewhere in the game’s rendition of 1987 and forced Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza animatronics to be locked up or turned off during the day to prevent them from harming children who were dining there then. It serves as the focal point of the majority of the original Five Nights at Freddy’s game events and ultimately contributes to the pizzeria’s decline in popularity.

What, then, was The Bite of 87? Phone Guy, a different employee who phones us during the first game to give us directions for our shift, is the main source of information that is truly canonical. The player is casually informed by Phone Guy that “Yeah, it’s incredible that the human body can function without the frontal lobe, you know.”

Fans have conjectured that one of the animatronics, usually from the first game, malfunctioned and unintentionally bit the head of a kid who was visiting the pizzeria, taking their frontal lobe with it. The wandering cap abilities of the animatronics also had a role in this; as a result, they were later left in place during the day.


To prevent their gear from locking up, the pizzeria permits the animatronics to roam the premises at night, so you must keep an eye on them on CCTV and try to avoid getting hurt.

It’s an FNAF lore horror thing, I guess.

What makes it a meme?

The gaming YouTuber Markiplier, who is renowned for his deep voice and exaggerated reactions to horror games, is solely responsible for The Bite of 87’s position as a meme. His playthroughs of the FNAF series are among the most well-liked.

In one of these films, he exclaims, “Is that the Bite of 87?!” after a clip from the game appears to show Fredbear gnawing on a child’s skull in front of a group of scared kids.

Since then, the soundbite and the video of his response have been included in clips from videos depicting the biting or chomping of objects, people, or animals.

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