The top ten New Year’s resolutions for Kansas City Chiefs


resolutions for Kansas City Chiefs

Resolutions for Kansas City Chiefs: With their victory over the Denver Broncos on New Year’s Day, the Kansas City Chiefs improved to 13-3, but here are seven resolutions to help them get even better.
On Sunday, the Kansas City Chiefs defeated the Denver Broncos 27-24 to win another discouraging game. We’ve heard this narrative before: the massively superior Chiefs underperform and let a weaker team compete for all the way to the bitter finish. This Chiefs squad is simultaneously fantastic and a mess, as I stated only two weeks ago, and I believe we saw this once more on Sunday.

It was m ore of the same, despite the optimism that perhaps a new year would bring different outcomes. Like I said in the previous article, it almost feels wrong to doubt anything about a team that is 13-3, but it also seems foolish to just bury your head in the sand and hope for the best during the playoffs. I didn’t want to write the same article all week, so I chose to add a New Year’s twist to the proceedings. I had the idea to list the top ten goals for the Kansas City Chiefs in the new year.


This list contains every decision that certain players, coaches, or other team members need to make in order to guarantee this team’s victory in the Super Bowl. Starting modestly, we’ll progress to the largest projects. So let’s begin by making a resolution for one of the more recent Chiefs.

10. Kadarius Toney

Resolution: Properly stretch his hamstrings before every game.

I’m only partly kidding, but Kadarius Toney’s main concern is finding a means to maintain his health. When he can get on the field, Toney has already proven he can be a great weapon for the Chiefs. I wrote a column about Toney’s potential with the Chiefs about a month ago. Here is a passage about Toney’s time with the New York Giants that was in that article:

The Giants, who selected Toney, 23, with the 20th overall pick in the 2021 NFL Draft, gave up on him after just one and a half seasons of play. In that season and a half, Toney played in just 12 games for the Giants, finishing his time with the team with just 41 receptions for 420 yards and 5 carries for 29 yards with no touchdowns.

Basically, despite showing elite upside, Toney never found a consistent role with the Giants. Toney needs to find a way to stay on the field if KC doesn’t want Toney’s time with the Chiefs to look the same. Toney had 6 touches for 90 yards and a touchdown in his second game with Kansas City.


Sadly, he subsequently sustained another hamstring injury, and Sunday marked the first time since then that he received more than two offensive touches in a game. With 4 receptions for 71 yards, he answered. Therefore, both times he received numerous touches in KC, he produced.

Toney gives the Chiefs an offensive weapon they desperately need if he can manage to remain healthy.

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