This Coral Gables Cinema is letting moviegoers pay what they can


Coral Gables Cinema

Coral Gables Cinema, Nowadays, a lot of things are out of reach, including Choco Tacos, vehicles, and real estate. The proliferation of streaming services and inflation both pose threats to the moviegoing experience. Fortunately for cinema, Coral Gables Art Cinema is working to ensure that everyone, regardless of their situation, has access to high-quality movies.

Throughout the whole month of October, the art-house theatre allows visitors to pay what they can for first-run feature films. The Coral Gables Art Cinema intends to hold at least one show each week where attendees can choose the ticket price with no restrictions or minimum purchase quantity.


Although the program has been running for years as part of its Family Day on Aragon screenings held the second weekend of every month, this is the first time the nonprofit organization has expanded the opportunity to include first-run movies, including independent, documentaries, and regional premieres.

According to Brenda Moe, executive director of the Coral Gables Art Cinema, “We seek to make the movie-going experience inclusive and affordable for all members of our community.” “Pay-what-you-can tickets are a wonderful approach to increase access to the arts, lower entry barriers, and draw new audiences to our cultural institutions in our rapidly expanding region.”


Flexible pricing will benefit the neighborhood in addition to saving money for popcorn, which is our favorite justification for going to the movies.

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