Today Telenor Answer: 19-11-2021 My Telenor App Questions with Answers


Do you have a hard time figuring out what Today Telenor Answer is? Telenor’s answer for today’s quiz on November 19th, 2021 is a chance to win free internet data. The Telenor app now has a new function that requires you to answer five questions every day in exchange for free internet. This service has grown in popularity, and many people now use Google to access it and find answers to their questions. Telenor will give you up to 50 MB of free internet each day if you answer these questions correctly.


Today is November 19, 2021. Questions and Answers about the Telenor App

You can put your talents to the test with my Telenor “app.”  To discover how well you know Telenor, take my Telenor quiz today.

Question 1: Indus Dolphin is found in which river of Pakistan?





Answer 1: Indus

Question 2: Which of these is a rare animal species found in the Northern areas of Pakistan?


Snow Leapord



Answer 2: Snow Leapord

Question 3: Asian Black Bear is found in which region of Pakistan?





Answer 3: Khuzdar

Question 4: Which of these Feline Species is rare in Pakistan?





Answer 1: Canal

Question 5: Markhor Sheep is found in which region of Pakistan?





Answer 5: GB

Telenor Quiz answer App

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It has a lot more features than just the internet, including the ability to pay bills and a lot more. My Telenor App: Download the app

This response can be used to answer questions in the My Telenor app. There are also all of the answers available. We were the first to update and respond to all Telenor questions on a daily basis. So come back often to see the most up-to-date queries and answers. We always provide relevant and informative stuff to assist you in expanding your knowledge. These questions and answers will assist you in obtaining free Telenor Internet of 100 MB or 50 MB.

Telenor Quiz Today

The company for which I work is known as Telenor. To receive 50MB per day from Telenor, correctly answer all of the questions. 1500MB of data per month and a chance to win a Telenor prize draw Every night at 12 a.m., you can obtain answers to all Telenor apps as well as 50 MB of free internet.

The location of the Statue of Liberty is the subject of today’s Telenor quiz. What is the Great Wall’s location? In which country was the world-famous Eiffel Tower built? The world-famous Giza Pyramids are located in which country? Where can you find the world’s tallest structure, the Burj Khalifa?

Guide Step by step, to get free internet:

To begin, open my Telenor app and select Test Your Skills Answers from the menu.
Answers to Telenor’s Test Your Skills Then you must select the Test Your Skills option.
There will be five questions on the screen.
They must respond to the questions.
You’ll get 50 to 100 MB of free internet every day if you answer these five questions correctly.
Examine your capabilities.

The deadline for today’s Telenor quiz is November 19, 2021. In this article, I’ll provide you with the answers to the My Telenor app quiz so you can earn free MBs. Furthermore, I will give you the Correct Telenor Answers, which will allow you to gain free Telenor MBs.


How are you doing today, friends? I wish you the best of luck in your pursuits. This website is dedicated to all Telenor Pakistan customers and users. Do you come to our website frequently? At any time, you can sign up for a daily update on my Telenor quiz.

Today My Telenor App Questions with Answers

This response can be used in the My Telenor app inquiry. All of the answers are also available. We were the first to update and provide daily answers to all Telenor questions. So check back frequently to view the latest up-to-date answers and questions. We always provide valuable and useful content to help you increase your knowledge. These questions and answers will help you get 100 MB or 50 MB of free Telenor Internet.

Today’s Telenor app will assist you in obtaining Telenor Free MBs by providing 100 percent right answers and queries. Download the My Telenor app today for a chance to win free MBs. Questions and answers about the Telenor app, as well as the Telenor app for free internet data. Answers to the Telenor quiz. Telenor has responded today.


The purpose of this post is to provide you with the Telenor quiz for today; Telenor answers are due on November 19, 2021. Telenor’s reaction on November 19, 2021, did you like it? Please share your thoughts in the comments box below. If you have any recommendations for us, please post them in the comments area.

The purpose of today’s post is to offer Telenor subscribers the right answers to questions from the Telenor Quiz 3 Test Your Skills from November 2021. In this post, you correctly answered Today’s Telenor Quiz 3 November 2021, which you can use to gain free MB internet from Telenor using the My Telenor App. On the Reads blog, you may also discover answers to the daily Telenor quiz.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Telenor Test your skills?

The Telenor App allows us to check the load on our phones. You are entitled to internet-based customer care as a result of your purchase. On this page, you’ll discover answers to today’s Telenor questions, as well as check techniques and other inquiries. All of the questions were answered accurately by the Telenor app. In exchange for answering these questions, Telenor will give you some free MB.

How many MBs do we get from the My Telenor App?

If you answer all five questions correctly, you will be given 100 MBS data for one day. However, you will frequently receive 50 MBS that these solutions will not be provided until you visit another website. So, if you need answers, add the site to your website as soon as possible since you will obtain them right away.

How many MBs do we get from today’s Telenor quiz?

If you successfully answer all five questions, you will receive 100 MBS data for one day. Acquire 50 MBS so frequently that you get these answers too late after you’ve visited another website. So, if you want answers, add the site to your website as soon as possible, because you’ll get them right away.

Where the correct answers to the Telenor Quiz can be found daily?

The ReadsBlog is a place where you may get the correct answers to the Telenor Quiz every day. In order to present our users with the most up-to-date information, we obtained these responses from a variety of sources. I can obtain 50 MB or 100 MB of free internet by answering these questions in the My Telenor App. You can also get 50 or 100 MB of free internet by answering these questions.

How many MBs of the internet do we get from the My Telenor App quiz on 19 November 2021?

You will be granted 100 MB for a day or 50 MB on rare occasions if you properly answer the My Telenor App Test Your Skills question. Then, possibly a day later, the rest of your data will be lost, and you will have to repeat the Telenor quiz.

Can My Telenor App Really Get Free MBs?

Yes, the My Telenor App can provide you with genuinely free MBs, but you must correctly complete the Test Your Skills quiz. If you don’t answer correctly, you won’t be able to receive Telenor Free MBs.

This Telenor quiz today’s answers are correct or not?

The Telenor Quiz Today questions have all of the right answers. You can enjoy free MB internet for a day by downloading the My Telenor app.

How to get Telenor free internet MBs in Pakistan?

To receive Telenor Free MBs Internet, you must correctly answer the My Telenor App question.