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val kilmer net worth

One of the year’s most eagerly anticipated blockbusters, Top Gun: Maverick, opens exclusively in theaters on Friday. Naturally, Tom Cruise is back as U.S. Naval Aviator Pete “Maverick” Mitchell, with Jennifer Connelly, Miles Teller, Glen Powell, Jon Hamman, and Ed Harris serving as supporting actors. The most thrilling reunion for fans is undoubtedly seeing Cruise share the screen with Tom “Iceman” Kozansky, played by Val Kilmer. We’re looking at Val Kilmer net worth, career, and how he made his money. From a difficult childhood to early fame, and devastating health issues to a motivational comeback, Val Kilmer’s life has been filled with ups and downs.

How much is Val Kilmer’s net worth in 2022?

Val Kilmer’s net worth is anticipated to reach about $25 million in 2022. Kilmer was one of the most well-known and in-demand actors of the 1990s, yet his acting career has recently stagnated as a result of a terrible health setback. Kilmer has made most of his income from side projects, theatre, and the sale of a sizable New Mexican property, in addition to the exceptionally high salary he received for high-profile roles in films like Batman Forever and The Saint at the height of his career.

How did Val Kilmer become famous?

Val Kilmer, a native of Los Angeles and the son of Gladys Swanette and Eugene Dorris Kilmer, was born on New Year’s Eve 1959. When Val was just eight years old, his parents separated. Even worse tragedy struck in 1977 when Wesley, Val’s younger brother who suffered from epilepsy, drowned in a jacuzzi at the age of 15. Wesley, Val’s boyfriend until his tragic demise, was always writing plays and filming home movies.

As Val persisted in nurturing his artistic side, he finally became the school’s youngest drama student to ever be accepted. Kilmer eventually made his big screen debut with the comedy Top Secret! and Real Genius in the middle of the 1980s, despite the fact that his heart was always on the stage. he declined a part in Francis Ford Coppola’s The Outsiders owing to theatre commitments.

The popular film Top Gun by Tony Scott proved to be a turning moment. The classically trained actor actually turned down the part that would become his big break. The highest-grossing film of 1986 was an action romance starring Tom Cruise that dominated the zeitgeist and was frequently mentioned.

How much did Val Kilmer make for Batman?

After Michael Keaton retired from the role, Kilmer received $6 million (about $11.4 million today) to take on the titular role in Joel Schumacher’s Batman Forever. Batman & Robin, which had a more campy tone than Tim Burton’s earlier movies, earned mixed reviews but did well at the box office. Famously, Kilmer declined to take part in the follow-up.


What are Val Kilmer’s most iconic roles?

Although his role as “Iceman” in Top Gun was a significant Hollywood breakthrough, Kilmer would experience even larger recognition peaks (and better earnings) in the 1990s.

At the height of his career, Kilmer also received $7 million for the spy TV series adaptation The Saint and $6 million for The Island of Dr. Moreau, in which he starred alongside his hero Marlon Brando. Although The Saint made money at the box office, both movies—especially the latter, which had an infamously, bitterly rocky production—got bad reviews from critics. Although Kilmer frequently received positive reviews, including for his role as “Gay Perry” in Shane Black’s 2005 crime comedy Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang, his screen career never again reached the heights of the mid-’90s.

What happened to Val Kilmer’s voice?

Kilmer underwent two tracheotomies and treatment before succumbing to throat cancer in 2015. The renowned actor, who is also known for his voice work in The Prince of Egypt, video game titles, and other things, suffered a horrible setback. However, in 2021 Kilmer collaborated with UK-based software company Sonantic to use artificial intelligence to mimic his speech through the use of pre-existing video and audio recordings.

Is Val Kilmer still acting?

Kilmer’s career suffered a significant setback when his commanding, distinctive voice tragically went away. The actor has since taken on a number of projects, which has only boosted the admiration of his fan base. The acclaimed documentary Val, directed by Leo Scott and written by Ting Poo, featured Kilmer in the fall of 2021. Val had its world debut at Cannes and is now avail able to view on Prime Video.


Of course, Top Gun: Maverick comes next. In Kilmer’s upcoming autobiography, due out in 2020, the actor admits to “pleading” with producers to have him appear in the hugely expensive sequel and thanks Cruise for helping to make it happen. Critics have given Top Gun: Maverick rave reviews, and it is anticipated that it will rule the box office during the summer of 2022. Kilmer’s appearance, according to reports from the Cannes Film Festival, is a highlight.

How does Val Kilmer earn money? Val Kilmer net worth

Kilmer wrote a book called “I’m Your Huckleberry: A Memoir” in 2020 in addition to acting on both screen and stage. He was infamously performing and developing a project like Mark Twain when his health started failing. For a staggering $18.5 million, Kilmer sold the majority of his 5,300-acre ranch in Pecos River, New Mexico, in 2011. According to reports, he reserved about 14 acres of the land for himself.

Does Val Kilmer have kids? Val Kilmer net worth

Jack Kilmer, 30, and Mercedes Kilmer, 30, are Val Kilmer’s children from a previous marriage to Joanne Whalley (26). Both were in the document from 2021. In a revealing, brutally honest documentary, the revelation that Jack—who sounds uncannily like his father—narrated the movie was one of the most touching moments.

Val Kilmer’s philanthropy and charity work

In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina’s damage in 2005. Kilmer was involved in recovery efforts and made multiple trips to New Orleans. Musician Kilmer released a CD in 2007 with all sales going to the families of 9/11 police fatalities. Additionally, Kilmer is a proponent of environmental protection and Native American rights.

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