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The finest downloader, VidMate, supports more than a thousand websites, including YouTube, Facebook, Vine, Vimeo, Dailymotion, and TikTok, among others. Such a helpful downloader offers free live online television viewing in addition to the ability to download films and music. It also offers the most recent series, TV shows, and movies in HD format.

Looking for the ideal download assistant and top media file manager that enables you to locate and download any kind of video for offline viewing? Here is the ideal VidMate video downloader for you: it’s fantastic!

VidMate has been independently certified as 100% SAFE by numerous virus and malware detection engines. Through these platforms, you can also check every update and use VidMate with no worries!

Features of VidMate APP

Unlimited free download

Everything available for free online can be downloaded and taken offline. Videos and movies from all around the world are easily accessible, from Hollywood and Bollywood films to quick, independently produced blog videos. You won’t have to worry about paying anything and won’t have to worry about running out of resources for your favorite videos thanks to the free and unlimited download option.

Abundant pictures and videos sites supported

As we already mentioned, VidMate APK free download gives you the opportunity to watch a selection of films offline. In the interim, we also give users the option to download videos from websites like YouTube, Facebook, Dailymotion, WhatsApp, Instagram, and TikTok. Without going to other websites, you may find songs, images, and videos right in VidMate.

In-App subscribe

Another pleasant surprise is the in-App subscription feature. We’ll let you know as soon as a new status is available so you may follow intriguing individuals and stay up to date on events in the new Discover channel.

Videos & Movies Download & Play

Our app’s ability to provide free access to HD full movies is one of its best features. It gathers and organizes every movie from different websites, including vintage Bollywood films and the newest Hollywood productions, all of which are free to download. The “People who liked this also enjoyed…” and “same actors” feature on each movie’s page, which aid in identifying films in the same or a related genre, are the greater blessings in the movie area. This saves a tonne of time when going through and selecting from lengthy movie listings online. If you’re unsure whether the movie suits your tastes, click into the page where we offer trailers and brief summaries for additional information. Particularly, it will counsel and recommend to the people any new movies that touch base on the platform.

Experience VidMate’s most recent version, which offers smoother watching as well as quick and seamless downloads.

Music Download & Play


For those who enjoy listening to music, VidMate music not only saves time by eliminating the need to switch between several music programs but also offers millions of free albums and songs in high-quality (256kbps) mp3 format downloads for YouTube. One of the top download speeds in its sector. It is without a doubt the best music player for your phone, offering excellent speed and a wealth of resources. You can even set any song or sound as your phone’s ringtone.

Live TV programs and series

There are more than 200 channels available, including Sahara Online, Star World, Channel V, and Zee TV., which compiles a broad variety of TV shows in several languages, including comedies, reality shows, and other genres, is unquestionably a haven for fans of TV. All TV series, from comedies to documentaries, are updated frequently and efficiently. You can watch it offline or online at any time and from any location, such as while waiting for a bus or on a train to get home.

Personalized Feeds

Thanks to the useful recommendation system, choose your preferred area and language to receive precise recommendations. According to your profile or past behavior, VidMate 2018 has a deeper understanding of your interests and hobbies, which it uses to create a playlist just for you. By doing this, you receive what you want and discover what you’ll be interested in every time you open the app.

Better Download Experiences

With the help of unique technology, connections are made frequently from any particular device to the host server, improving connectivity and increasing download speeds by a factor of five. It is clear that other apps are using this technology in the same way as our team does. However, we merely mentioned the speed in the older VidMate versions while using a superior and upgraded network. Why not try out the newest version for yourself?

Various Pic Resources

Want to find a creative image to represent your current situation or a lovely image to set as your wallpaper but are unable to locate a website to search for and download images? The most recent version of VidMate provides a tab specifically for images that contains various image resources. Get a variety of high-quality images and use them as your wallpaper, if you like. If you are unable to discover the images you seek for your Android device, please describe them to us.

Latest Version of VidMate for Android

The most recent version of VidMate has a number of issues from earlier versions repaired and new, more user-friendly capabilities added. Explore more amazing features by updating to the most recent version. We are currently working on releasing VidMate for PC and iOS. Please let us know if you have any recommendations or suggestions for any of our features or functionalities.


Download VidMate APP and Enjoy

Online quick media downloads are simple and achievable with VidMate. Your go-to media downloader, it puts all of the web material at your fingertips. There may be a warning on your phone when installing VidMate APK because you are installing an APK from Google Play. Please go to Settings> Security and check the box next to “Unknown Sources” for the installation to be completed. You can now download and install the app on your phone by selecting “Trust” and tapping OK on the warning notice.

Please take note that only the official website or 9apps currently offers access to the VidMate APK download. Because downloading videos from YouTube is now prohibited under Google Play rules, VidMate APK has not yet been released there. We officially declare that the VidMate app is virus-free. Please be cautious of fraudulent websites, recognize the official website, and install the APK with confidence. We appreciate your trust and appreciate your understanding.

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