37 Best 21st Birthday Party Ideas That Don’t Include a Bar

21st Birthday

Teenagers all around the world consider coming up with a 21st birthday party idea to be an important occasion. Many people romanticizeThrow a Boozy Brunch the day they would one day reach true “adulthood” by fantasizing about this significant milestone since they were little.

Given that it’s also the legal drinking age in the US, 21st birthdays are very significant. Because of this, many Americans choose, without considering their other options, to throw their 21st birthday party at a bar.

It’s not a horrible idea to throw a bar party, but it’s not as thrilling as some other options. The cost of buying rounds of drinks for all of your pals can add up quickly. If you used that money in other ways, like one of the 21st birthday party suggestions listed below, it would go a lot further.

Food 21st Birthday Party Ideas

1. Hire a Private Chef

Hire someone to assist you if you want to have a party for your friends but h[p_
9’8[can’t be bothered with all the preparation and cleanup. There are many private chefs in your area; LO6K5I4UJ3Y2T1RFD`E7P who would make ideal 21st birthday party themes or even fantastic 21st birthday present suggestions. Whether you want a taco bar, a sushi set, an exquisite breakfast or a multi-course meal, hiring a private chef is the best method to make sure your needs and party size are met. There are private chefs in San Francisco, Austin, and other cities.

2. Throw a Boozy Brunch

Everyone enjoys a nice breakfast, especially one that includes booze. As an alternative to a nighttime celebration, invite your buddies over for a drunken breakfast. Add some homemade alternatives, like an omelet bar or an oatmeal bar, to round out your menu. Join an online mixology class with your friends to learn how to make your own delicious brunch cocktails for some extra fun. Everyone can contribute and get the birthday person something valuable to put on their bar cart.0

3. Take a Food Tour of Your City

Walking food tours are interesting 21st birthday party ideas for your entire group if you believe yourself to be a foodie. Numerous cities near you offer food tours that highlight the top restaurants in the area, from food tours in NYC to food tours in Seattle. You’ll get to discover the neighborhood’s attractions and hidden jewels while also learning more about the history of the area and enjoying some delectable cuisine.

4. Book a Virtual Wine Tasting

You can enjoy the fine skill of sipping and trying wines from all over the world now that you are 21. You can experience a virtual wine-tasting experience in the comfort of your own home. Five-star chefs and sommeliers will educate you on everything about the subtleties of different wine varietals, flavor profiles, and food combinations that harmoniously combine with each glass as you get to follow along live. You’re sure to adore this contemporary take on a time-honored 21st birthday party theme: a wine tasting at home.

5. Sign Up for a Cooking Class

On your birthday, why go out to a restaurant when you can make your own gourmet meal? The best 21st birthday party ideas include cooking classes to commemorate your special day. So that you may recreate your favorite foods for your birthday the following year, learn how to make them from scratch. Philadelphia, Denver, and other cities offer cooking classes, among others. Or, keep things relaxed at home by enrolling your group in a live online cooking class!

6. Have a Picnic in the Park

A picnic might make a fun 21st birthday party idea if it’s warm outside when your birthday falls. It’s simple to plan, especially if you ask that everyone bring a dish to share. Just remember to bring trash bags and blankets to sit on so you can clean up after yourself when you leave.

Low-Key 21st Birthday Party Ideas

7. Go Camping

If you have the time and money, going camping is a great way to get your pals together for a night or perhaps a whole girls’ weekend. Spend your days outdoors trekking, and your evenings cooking outside and enjoying beverages under the sky. There’s always the option of renting a camper van with an oven to bake a cake if you have the money. For this adventurous 21st birthday party idea, bring a shelf-stable sheet cake instead.

8. Take a Day Cruise

Party boats may seem like a gimmick, but taking to the water for a 21st birthday celebration can be a lot of fun. Not every party boat needs to play loud music and serve unlimited wine. A day cruise is a fantastic alternative if you’re looking for something a little bit more sedate.

9. Get Out of Town for a Road Trip

Even if driving all day may not sound like your idea of a fantastic birthday, it’s worthwhile when your destination is worth the trip. There are bound to be a few road-trip-worthy locations nearby, from national parks to beaches to historic towns or neighboring cities, no matter where you live.

10. Throw a Low-Key House Party

Do not feel obligated to plan a wild 21st birthday party if you do not want to. There is nothing wrong with throwing a relaxed gathering for a select group of close friends. All you need for a fun time in the comfort of your house are some snacks, drinks, and great music.

11. Plan a Spa Day

Plan a trip to the spa on your special day as a way to treat yourself. It’s usually a fantastic idea to get a pamper package that includes a facial, massage, and manicure, but feel free to pick and choose the services you prefer most. In either case, a spa day is certain to make you feel your best.

12. Throw a Pool Party

Another weather-dependent 21st birthday party idea, unless you have access to an indoor pool or are willing to endure the cold, is this one. But if your birthday falls in the spring or summer, a pool party is a great and reasonably priced option.

13. Take a Painting Class

A terrific approach to express your creativity is to celebrate your 21st birthday at an art gallery. A guided class is a fantastic method to learn if you’re not very talented with a paintbrush. And receiving the opportunity to keep your invention at the end of the lesson is similar to getting a bonus birthday gift.

Adventurous 21st Birthday Party Ideas

14. Hire a Party Bus

A party bus is another entertaining and hassle-free 21st birthday party idea if you prefer land to water. You won’t need to worry about designated drivers, travel arrangements, or even paying for an event space when you charter a party bus because the bus itself is the venue! No of the size of the group you wish to bring, there are party buses that can accommodate up to 60 people, giving you the freedom to invite all of your friends.


15. Go to a Sporting Event

Attending a sporting event may seem like the ideal birthday celebration for a sports enthusiast. Attending a game, though, can still be a fantastic 21st-birthday party idea even if you’re not a huge fan. Sports events are fun to watch without needing complete concentration from everyone, so you may talk to your friends and hang out while the game is happening. The majority of athletic events also offer a laid-back vibe that works well for gatherings that could get a touch raucous.

16. Play Laser Tag

Laser tag is a fantastic option for a 21st birthday celebration if you want to get moving. It works well for big groups and doesn’t need any specialized knowledge or tools; all you need is a willingness to participate. When you’re done, go get some pizza at your favorite neighborhood restaurant to replenish your energy after all that running about.

17. See a Show

Attending a performance is always a fun birthday activity. There is a play to fit your birthday preferences, whether you like musicals, ballet recitals, concerts, or operas. If attending large-scale events is out of your price range, check out community theatrical shows or local concerts instead; they’re frequently inexpensive or even free!

18. Do an Escape Room

It’s understandable why escape rooms like The Escape Game have gained popularity in recent years. They promote camaraderie by fostering teamwork and problem-solving. They frequently have intricate decorations, which ups the novelty. Today, there are so many available that the choices are practically limitless. There are numerous entertaining 21st birthday party ideas to choose from, including horror rooms, Mediaeval rooms, and spy-themed rooms.

19. Do Karaoke

On your 21st birthday, invite your buddies over for a night of karaoke if you were meant to be a star. Nothing compares to singing along to your favorite songs with your friends at your side. You might indulge in some liquid confidence to get you ready for the stage now that you are 21 years old.

20. Organize a Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts make great 21st-birthday party ideas if you enjoy sending your guests all over town to look for clues. The plan can be created by you, or you can choose from a variety of them online. While the majority of scavenger hunts conclude with a large prize, you can also hide smaller items along the way.

21. Visit a Theme Park

Take your friends to an amusement park for the day if you want a genuinely daring 21st birthday party idea. The ideal homage to beloved childhood pleasures is to spend your birthday going on roller coasters, eating cotton candy, and snapping pictures with people who are dressed up.

21st Birthday Party Ideas for Guys

22. Go to an Arcade or Bowling Alley

Head to your neighborhood bowling alley or arcade for a fun-filled afternoon of classic games and some friendly competition as a wonderful 21st birthday party idea for men. Play classic games like Pac-Man, Pinball, and Skee Ball while indulging in copious amounts of pizza and candy. Bring change so you can swap it for game tokens.

23. Visit a Ropes Course

At a ropes course, put your physical and mental stamina to the test. You can push your limitations and get over your fear of heights. For a small or large group of individuals, ropes courses are enjoyable and promote group cohesiveness.

24. Try Axe Throwing

In recent years, axe throwing has experienced a sharp increase in popularity, with new sites springing up all throughout the nation. Take the crew out for an axe-throwing contest for a novel 21st-birthday party concept for men. Even if you have no experience in the activity, you’ll succeed in arranging a spectacular event that everyone will remember.

25. Throw a Video Game Party

Plan a video game birthday party if you are a die-hard player. Set up several TVs or laptops in the same space, together with a range of game consoles. Make sure to include both classic children’s songs and contemporary favorites. Consider creating drinking games out of some of the video games. Ask attendees to show up dressed as their favorite video game character if you want to take the theme of your 21st birthday party idea a step further.

21st Birthday Party Ideas for Her

26. Play Dress Up

Before returning to your house for an evening of wine, cocktails, and dressing up in your new treasures, spend the afternoon shopping at your favorite neighborhood vintage or thrift stores with your pals. Encourage your girls to purge their closets and bring a bag of stuff they no longer desire for a clothing swap as a unique twist on this 21st birthday party idea.

27. Go Rock Climbing

If you’re looking for an adventurous 21st birthday party idea for her, gather your loved ones and go rock climbing in your neighborhood. You can challenge your physical and mental abilities while working as a team, whether you are an experienced climber or a beginner.

28. Throw a Tea Party

Plan a drunken tea party with your closest friends for a girlie 21st birthday celebration. Set out a lovely variety of cookies, tea cakes, and finger sandwiches. Plan the tea party to take place outside in a field or garden if the weather allows. Wear the most elegant clothing you own, and snap lots of photos.

29. Host a Sleepover

A fun-filled sleepover shouts “girls’ night idea” louder than anything else. The best way to celebrate turning 21 is to spend the entire night partying with your girlfriends. You are never too old for a slumber party. Keep up with gossip, put on some face masks, play some truth or dare, and, of course, stay up much too late.

21st Birthday Party Ideas at Home

30. Host an Evening of Presentations

Request that every one of your visitors creates a quick PowerPoint presentation on a topic of their choice. After everyone has had a few drinks, set up a presentation area and ask your visitors to give presentations. The catch is that each of your guests will deliver a presentation created by someone else.

31. Throw a Themed Party

The easiest way to liven up any occasion and guarantee that your attendees are dressed to impress is with themed parties. The theme for a themed 21st birthday party concept should be representative of the birthday person’s interests and personality. Invite attendees to wear a distinctive outfit they haven’t had a chance to wear before or organize a party that is themed after the fashion and culture of a certain era, such as the roaring 20s, 70s, or 90s.


32. Host a Roast

In need of a humorous 21st-birthday party concept? If you’re feeling bold, ask each of your visitors to prepare a few jokes that will be used to roast you in a comedy show. Make sure there are enough drinks for everyone, and prepare a private spot for yourself so you can unwind while being roasted. Even a great pot roast can be prepared as a spin on the concept.

33. Have a Game Night

Invite your closest pals over for a night of drinking games, and don’t forget to play some of your old favorites. You can wager on traditional card games, have fun with charades and pictionary, and push your physical and mental boundaries with Twister. Game evenings bring out the kid in all of us, and they make for a unique and entertaining 21st birthday party theme.

21st Birthday Party Ideas for Outdoors

34. Build a Bonfire

Plan a good, old-fashioned bonfire as an entertaining and outside theme for your 21st birthday celebration. Gather around a modest fire pit on your big day if you don’t have enough space for a full-fledged bonfire. Encourage visitors to bring their finest campfire songs or ghost stories by setting down a s’mores tray filled with marshmallows, candy, and graham crackers.

35. Take a Trip to a Drive-In Theater

Find the closest drive-in theatre and prepare the car by packing it with blankets, chairs, and a radio. Particularly if your company will be traveling in various automobiles, make sure to arrive early in order to find the finest parking space and set up your belongings. Watch the film outside while snacking on popcorn and pretzels from the concession booth.

36. Host a Field Day

Host a drunken field day before the big day by gathering all your pals and dividing them into color-coordinated teams for an exciting 21st birthday party idea. Make sure visitors are wearing their team colors. Make a scoring system and an event schedule that includes tug-of-war, relay races, and other activities. Additionally, you can add some booze-up activities like flip cups and beer pong.

37. Take Surf Lessons

Plan surf lessons for you and your closest pals if you’re seeking for a creative 21st-birthday party idea and want to learn something new. You might find a hidden ability or get a mouthful of seawater. You’ll definitely remember the momentous day in either case.

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