How did hashirama die


Nobody knows how the Hashi The Hitta (that’s his rap name(hashirama), check the databook) died, as I’m sure we all know by now. Hashirama died in battle possibly during or before the First Shinobi World War, according to legend. Given his talents (Kage-level, all-natural types, Wood Release, Sage, God of Shinobi), and the people he’s defeated (Madara “Hax no Jutsu” Uchiha and Kakuzu/Raggedy Andy), that appears to be a stretch.


What I believe happened was that Kishi backed himself into a position. And didn’t bother to respond properly to our questions. If he died of disease (again, Kishimoto wrote himself into a corner with that Healing Power/plot device). Or if his Wood Release, being able to produce life, somehow shortened his own life with repeated usage.

And that does sound like a reasonable plan. After repeated/massive Wood Release usage, both Yamato and Danzo became exhausted. And as we’ve seen, consuming too much chakra can lead to death (Kakashi, Nagato). Perhaps Senju’s lifespan explains why he was able to use it so quickly, but that can only go so far. Hashirama created enormous dragons, humans, and Buddhas on a regular basis, and Chakra is spiritual + mental energy. Maybe it just came to a point when his body and mind said enough was enough “No, there won’t be any more of that. And suddenly you’re no longer alive “…perhaps smack dab in the thick of a fight.

Or maybe he went out to protect his homies like his brother Tobz and A3.

I’m not sure. I’m just putting it out there. When Sasuke crashed the Kage Summit, Danzo threw away any remaining credibility by booking it.

This is just a theory, but it adds up:

What is Hashirama’s claim to fame? Wood Release and his ability to regenerate. He was also noted for having an abundance of chakra.

I don’t believe Hashirama Senju died of old age for a second. I’ll try to break this down for you (please correct any numbers that are incorrect):

Tobirama was slightly younger than Hashirama, but they were both the same age (by a year or so). There are no figures given.

  • In Part I, Onoki was around 76–77 years old.
  • In Part I, Tsunade was 51 years old.
  • Let’s pretend Hashirama had children while he was in his twenties, and Tsunade was born when he was in his fifties (a realistic estimate, given that Tsunade’s father had her about the same time). Let’s imagine Tsunade died when he was old enough to have taken up Hashirama’s gambling habit (about 5 years old). As a result, Hashirama died 45–46 years before the events of Part I.

According to this estimate, he could be 55–65 years old when he dies. It’s not that ancient when compared to other shinobi’s natural lifespans, especially for a shinobi like Hashirama (whose vital energy was off the charts).

Hashirama was rejuvenated with the appearance of his death, as Dalia Ocampo pointed out in a comment. As were the other Kage, including Hiruzen (who died between the ages of 68–69). It doesn’t make sense that Hashirama died of old age. Given that he not only looks younger than Hiruzen but also has a huge life force by most criteria.

Also, I do not believe that his excessive use of regeneration caused him to live a shorter life. Tsunade’s own version of regeneration, Creation Rebirth, appears to be the source of this concept. However, Hashirama is not shown to be aware of this technique. And he appears to have been able to regenerate without it. And, like with Creation Rebirth, certain techniques may come with drawbacks. The fact that Creation Rebirth bears this penalty does not imply that Hashirama’s regeneration would as well.

What I’ll argue is that his regeneration puts him at a higher danger of getting cancers. Because a tumor is simply a cell that starts reproducing at an uncontrollable rate. In the actual world, people can get cancer because of their heredity. Or because of cell damage, the latter of which Hashirama would have undoubtedly experienced over his lifespan. Hashirama’s regeneration appears to be automatic, which means he didn’t have to think about it.

I believe that one of the cells he regenerated was incorrect at some point. It became uncontrollable and began to multiply, something that could have happened at any point in his life.

Another factor to consider is that Hashirama’s regeneration and life force would have protected him from outside contaminants, reducing the effectiveness of sickness and poison. But what if he’s up against his own cells? The threat would go unnoticed.

As a result, Hashirama’s greatest quality became his undoing.

EDIT: A section about dying due to old age has been included.

By Robert Milakovic:

Out of all the Hokages that exist in the Naruto universe, one stands out above the rest: Hashirama. For many years, the circumstances surrounding his death have remained a mystery. And if you’re a Naruto fan, you’re undoubtedly wondering what truly happened. So, without further ado, how did Hashirama die, and who was responsible for his death?

Some fans believe he died as a result of injuries sustained while fighting Madara. Others believe he perished in the battle, and yet others believe he died of old age. There are several speculations about Hasirama’s death and who actually killed him.

Before we go into the details of each theory, let’s take a look at who Hashirama was. He was the Senju clan’s first Hokage and a member of the Leaf Village. Because of his unrivaled abilities, he dubb the “God of Shinobi.” His technique for releasing wood was well-known.

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How Did Hashirama Die and Who Killed Him?

Out of all the Hokages that exist in the Naruto universe, one stands out above the rest: Hashirama. For many years, the circumstances surrounding his death have remained a mystery. And if you’re a Naruto fan, you’re undoubtedly wondering what truly happened. So, without further ado, how did Hashirama die, and who was responsible for his death?

Some fans believe he died as a result of injuries sustained while fighting Madara, others believe he perished in the battle, and yet others believe he died of old age. There are several speculations about Hasirama’s death and who actually killed him.

Before we go into the details of each theory, let’s take a look at who Hashirama was. He was the Senju clan’s first Hokage and a member of the Leaf Village. Because of his unrivaled abilities, he has been dubbed the “God of Shinobi.” His technique for releasing wood was well-known.

How Did Hashirama Die?

Although there is no single explanation that explains how Hashirama died, many Naruto fans have come up with theories about how he died. Let’s take a look at some of the possibilities. That I came up with to help us figure out how Hashirama died. I’m a big fan of Naruto, but some of the theories are insane.

1. Overuse of His Healing Jutsu

Hashirama possessed a one-of-a-kind form of self-healing Jutsu. He didn’t have to weave his hand to activate the Jutsu. And his cells could multiply and heal any injuries he’d incurred during the combat. Hashirama was constantly employing his healing Jutsu throughout bouts, which eventually cost him his life.

His life span was lowered every time he utilized his Jutsu. And in the long run, his cells were unable to divide. If it continues to burn out, it will finally run out, much like a candle. That’s exactly what happened to Hashirama when he used his abilities.

2. Died During the Battle

Battles were a common occurrence throughout Hashirama’s reign, which led to some people believing he died in one. Even if this were true, there was no one stronger than Hashirama, and he couldn’t be outnumbered because of his peculiar wood-style Jutsu.

The only person who could challenge him during one of the battles was Madara Uchiha, but he was vanquished, and he was exiled. Hashirama fought a number of battles that left him terribly ill, and he began to run out of stamina. Many people assume he died in one of the conflicts.

3. Died of Old Age

Some admirers believe Hashirama died of old age, despite the fact that this idea does not hold much water. Despite the fact that he was the first Hokage, I do not believe he died of old age, given his vitality and abilities.

I continue to believe that Hashirama died in the conflict, proving that this idea is wrong. When Hashirama was resurrected from the dead, he appeared considerably younger than when he died, implying that something other than old age killed him.

4. Illness killed Hashirama

It’s also thought that the strongest Shinobi in all of Naruto died of a sickness that was slowly killing him. Despite his flaws, some people believe that a weird disease was devouring Hashirama from the inside out and that his excessive use of his Jutsu powers made things worse, eventually killing him.

Many people assume he died of the disease, despite the fact that his regeneration ability allowed him to cure viruses, germs, and any other ailment that invaded his body. Hashirama possessed a number of Jutsu abilities, but his favorite was the wood release, which is a combination of water and earth release.

Who Killed Hashirama?

There are many speculations about Hashirama’s death, but who was to blame remains a mystery. If he was murdered, his name would become well-known. It is unknown who killed Hasirama, however, according to the manga, Kakuzu was once dispatched to assassinate Hashirama, but he failed.

Because of his unsuccessful assassination attempt, Kakuzu was expelled from the village. Madara, on the other hand, was unable to kill Hashirama during the combat, leaving no clear answer as to who murdered him. However, there are other logical explanations for Hashirama’s death.


I am convinced that he was slain by Ninja troops, that he committed himself after realizing he had killed Madara, or that he was sacrificed for a hostage. These are just a few of the ideas surrounding Hashirama’s assassination. If he had been murdered, Konoha would have pursued the perpetrator.


How Old Was Hashirama When He Died?

Even before Naruto was promoted to Genin, Hashirama had a granddaughter who was born 50 years ago. Tsunade was the fifth Hokage during a period when Konoha desperately needed a leader. She was 55 years old throughout the second half of Naruto. As a result of this knowledge, Hashirama may have died when he was around 50 or 60 years old.

Did Tobirama Die Before Hashirama?

Tobirama, in my opinion, has a rigid attitude and is concerned about the well-being of others in the hamlet. After Hashirama’s death, he is the second Hokage to rise to power. Is it true that Tobirama died before Hasirama? Tobirama did not die before the first Hokage because he was the second Hokage after Hashirama.

Tobirama was involved in a battle with Kumogakure’s warriors, and as a result, he was sacrificed as a decoy. This was done to allow his subordinates to flee the conflict. During the second great Shinobi battle, this happened. He made certain that Hiruzen would succeed him as the Third Hokage before he passed away.

Despite the fact that Hashirama was the strongest shinobi to ever live in Naruto, there are still many unanswered issues about his death and who exactly murdered him. He possessed some of the most awe-inspiring abilities, and no single man could defeat him alone. Despite Kakuzu’s attempts to assassinate him, he was able to fight back and kill Kakuzu.

Hashirama may have sustained injuries in the many battles he fought, but he was able to recover because of his healing Jutsu abilities. There is no clear answer as to who killed Hashirama or who did it, whether it was someone, a sickness, injuries, or old age.


What Is the One Piece Treasure? Mystery Explained!

One Piece is one of the most popular and enjoyable anime and manga series in history, as created by Eiichiro Oda. One Piece, like Bleach and Naruto, is regarded as a global anime classic with a vast, global audience. True, One Piece is riddled with secrets, but we’re confident that the most important of them all is the nature of the titular One Piece treasure.

The One Piece treasure has yet to be discovered. Oda verified that it is a genuine tangible reward, but the form of it remains unknown. In-universe, it has been established that the treasure’s true nature would be revealed in a shocking way, although no details have been revealed thus far.

Everything we know about the One Piece treasure will be revealed in this essay. You’ll learn about the One Piece treasure’s name and nature, as well as the most popular beliefs surrounding it.

Why Is the Treasure Called One Piece?

The title “One Piece” (Wan Psu) is frequently accompanied with an additional line of text, roughly translating to “the great Hito-tsunagi treasure” (Hito-tsunagi no Dai-hih), first as a separate descriptor and later as a base text glossed directly with the “One Piece” katakana, in the original manga.

The exact meaning of “hito-tsunagi” is unknown, although current theories suggest three possibilities:

  • That it should be read as “” – a Japanese translation of “(in) one piece” that is more or less literal”.
  • “Which approximately translates to “the rope that binds all humans together.” That it should be read as
  • That it should be interpreted as “hitotsu-nagi” or “” – a term loosely translated as “a peaceful sea.”

What Is the One Piece Treasure?

The One Piece is a famous precious treasure that turns out to be a combination of objects left centuries ago and the treasures of Gol D. Roger, King of the Pirates. Before his execution, Roger announced to the world that the huge treasure might be claimed by anyone who could get there, kicking off the “Great Age of Pirates.”

It’s hidden on the Grand Line’s deepest island, the last island, which Roger later dubbed Laugh Tale. Joy Boy departed at least a portion of the treasure under mysterious circumstances, and it ended up there during the Void Century. Nobody knows what One Piece is except the Roger and Joy Boy Pirates. Given the repeating theme of a treasure, it might be of enormous personal value, but it could also be of little value.

In a flashback to his days as a member of the Roger Pirates, Buggy debated the meaning of treasure with Shanks and discovered that the entire squad agreed on the value of personal worth. The Straw Hat Pirates only learned of the One Piece during their journey through the Sabaody Archipelago, when Usopp attempted to question Silvers Rayleigh about it.

Luffy, on the other hand, stopped Usopp by explaining that the treasure is the reason for his adventures, that becoming King of the Pirates would be pointless if he already knew about One Piece, and that he would rather leave being a pirate before learning anything.

Whitebeard, who was dubbed “the Man Closest to the One Piece” before his death, disclosed the existence of the One Piece by broadcasting it to the entire world through den mushi. Many pirates have restored faith in the existence of the legendary riches since his death.

With his final breath, Whitebeard acknowledged the treasure’s existence after years of speculation and skepticism. When the One Piece was discovered, he predicted that “everything will be chronicled in history” and that “a huge struggle that would encompass the entire world” would ensue.

As you can see, the One Piece treasure’s existence has been proven, but we still know very little about it.

Has Luffy Found the One Piece Treasure?

Luffy still has no concept of what the One Piece is as of recent episodes and chapters. Even his crew isn’t sure what it looks like or if they already have it. Some would argue that Luffy already had “half” of it because the treasure in Mariejois was a huge Straw Hat that looked and felt just like Luffy’s.

There is no indication, however, that the World Government’s natural treasure is one One Piece. If that’s the case, Roger would have snatched the Straw Hat from Shanks, who had been left behind to look after the sick and unlucky Buggy. So, as per the present events in the series, Luffy has not yet discovered the One Piece.
The One Piece was never presented, despite the fact that the series had already portrayed a significant portion of Gol D. Roger’s flashback through Oden’s story. It showed a scene in which Roger and his crew were in Laugh Tale, but it never showed any of the mystery Final Island’s history!

Did Luffy Destroy the One Piece?

We now know that Luffy did not locate the One Piece. In reality, Luffy has no idea where it is, much less what it is. This implies that Luffy did not destroy the One Piece, despite the fact that he has yet to tour the entire planet.

Now, Oda could surprise us all by revealing that the One Piece is actually an earlier-discovered artifact that was destroyed in the meantime, but we don’t think that’s very likely.

One Piece Treasure: Best Theories

We’ll present some of the best and most popular hypotheses about the true nature of the One Piece treasure, as depicted in manga and anime, in this area.

Three ancient weapons are said to be hidden somewhere in the world, according to the series. The crocodile was looking for the schematics for the mighty battleship Pluton, which Franky’s master, Tom, had. Poseidon was revealed to be Princess Shirahoshi of the Ryugu Kingdom, who had been foretold to one day command all of the world’s sea rulers.

Uranus’ current location and identity are unclear. Given her significance in the series’ history and the World Government’s fear of discovering her, there’s a good chance the One Piece is Pluton, Uranus, or a concealed amalgamation of all three.

The story stated that the Straw Hat originally belonged to Gol D. Roger, possibly implying that he was the Straw Hat’s greatest prize, or at the very least had some relationship to it before handing it up to Shanks. This doesn’t make sense (as you’ll see) and would be a huge letdown.

It’s also been hypothesized that the Devil Fruits would be interested in ones that suit the mold and are somehow associated with the devil. As a result of this, Devil Fruit users are unable to swim, as they have been cursed by the sea gods.

Scientists in the One Piece universe have attempted to disprove these legends, but have had little success in uncovering their secrets, but they have discovered a means to create some cheap fruit. Given the significance and mystique of the fruits around the world, some fans believe that One Piece is the source of all Devil Fruits, possibly even a giant tree that produces them.

25 Strongest Devil Fruits in One Piece (RANKED)


Some fans believe that the One Piece is a Devil Fruit, albeit a highly exceptional one, in allusion to the Devil Fruit. The world is full of riddles, and the One Piece has been dubbed the “Origin of All Mysteries” in order to compress all solutions to a single source.

It has the potential to be the most powerful of all the Devil Fruits that mankind has fought over and feared for millennia. It may be able to wipe people’s memories and usher in the Void Century. It’s possible that it’s linked to the voice of everything. It’s a jumble of the different mysteries that surround One Piece’s world, but that wouldn’t really fit into Oda’s notion.

Roger and his crew were just staring at something when they first arrived on Laugh Tale. Roger began to chuckle after a short while and dubbed the island Laugh Tale as a result of his experience. Fans wondered what the One Piece was if it could make Roger chuckle simply by looking at it.

One theory is that Roger read something, and the One Piece is yet another Poneglyph with a significant message. It could be Joy Boy’s final words or even the entirety of human history. Either might be cause for alarm for the World Government. And such a fact left on a well-documented piece of writing could provoke a massive commotion, forcing everyone to scurry to remake the world.


This notion doesn’t make sense because it would trample on the franchise’s 20-year investment. Although the creator has stated that the One Piece will be a thing rather than something vague like friendship, fans continue to speculate that it will be related to friendship in some way and that the One Piece will leave the Straw Hats Laugh Tale with nothing more than a cheesy lesson, but we don’t believe that.

One of the most popular ideas linking One Piece to the story is that it is the Old Kingdom. The kingdoms that would one day unite to become the World Government overthrew an affluent and sophisticated empire during the Void Century. In this situation, the One Piece may be the unveiling of the entire realm, not simply the Old Kingdom. It could be a wrecked metropolis or even a long-lost civilization (possibly the “D” clan).

This is a fairly serious story that received a lot of attention after being aired on the One Piece Podcast website. On or from the moon, the Old Kingdom, and possibly One Piece itself, might be seen. When Eneru went to the moon, he discovered a secret colony of androids who were being hunted by space pirates.

He discovered a number of old manuscripts with symbols that resembled the Skypeian people. Many people believe that the Skypeians originated on the moon, or at the very least traveled there and that they are an angelic race.

As a result, Laugh Tale could be the home of some of these ancient people, or there could be a secret system that can transport humans to the moon.

All One Piece Filler Episodes You Can Skip

Every sea would be connected to the All Blue, and the entire planet would be connected to One Piece. This would bring unification, if not improved transit across kingdoms, but it would also entail the destruction of Mariejois, the Holy Land of the Celestial Dragon, which could explain why the World Government is so concerned about people learning about this theory.

As soon as Luffy or whoever discovers the One Piece, they are informed that it is all a fraud. Or that the One Piece is only the first of many, and that the entire trip was a blunder. This makes sense in theory, but not in practice since it is far too absurd.

People speculated that more than One Piece itself could be a giant fake once the series first exposed Roger’s reaction to Laugh Tale. This would be connected to the moniker Joy Boy. And some people even believe Joy Boy is an old trickster himself. In any event, if this is true, many fans will not be laughing.

Is the One Piece Treasure Luffy’s Hat?

In the series, Luffy’s hat is an immensely important item. Although straw hats aren’t uncommon or extremely unique in the One Piece universe, the one worn by Luffy has sentimental meaning (since it is his heirloom). As well as historical significance, as it is the same straw that was worn by both Gol D. Roger, the King of the Pirates, and Shanks at one point. This is why Luffy keeps it so near to him, despite the fact that he has been seen without it on occasion.

Will the One Piece Treasure Ever Be Found?

We know from the beginning of the series that Luffy’s primary and only goal is to find the One Piece. The entire series revolves around Luffy’s pursuit of the One Piece treasure. Which he hopes to use to become the greatest pirate of all time. As a result, it would be absurd for the series to come to a close without anyone finding the fabled riches.

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