Oración a San Judas Tadeo para las causas imposibles

Oración a San Judas Tadeo

Whatever problem you’re dealing with, you should know that San Judas Tadeo is waiting for your call for assistance. Oración a San Judas Tadeo para las: Here is a prayer for impossible causes.

Perhaps there isn’t a single individual in the world right now who isn’t dealing with a crisis of some kind. Whether it’s financial, a short-term sale, a marital issue, or a job loss.

Whatever the issue is, he or she must know that there is a powerful saint waiting for their call for assistance. Even though the problems are impossible to fix at the moment, he is willing to assist him.

It is a little-known saint who has decided to break his silence in order to write a brief letter that contains a powerful message about the challenges of our time. San Judas Tadeo, the Saint of Impossible Causes and Hopeless People.

Oración a San Judas Tadeo para casos Imposibles y Desesperados

Oración a San Judas Tadeo

San Judas Tadeo, a faithful follower, and friend of Jesus are revered. Many people honor you and invoke you around the world as the patron saint of impossible causes and hopeless causes. Ruega for me feels so powerless and alone.

Please provide me with visible and timely assistance. Come quickly to my aid in this time of great tribulation that afflicts my soul. So that I may receive divine comfort and assistance in all of my needs, trials, and sufferings. Particularly in this (make your request here), and so that I may always be able to pray to God.


I promise you, San Judas Tadeo, that as long as you are aware of this great favor you have bestowed upon me. I will always honor you as my powerful patron and nurture your wonderful devotion. Amén.

No olvides hacer la novena en devoción.

Oh, apóstol San Judas, how glorious! I am a devout follower of Jesus and a friend of his. Many have forgotten the name of the traitor who placed your beloved Maestro in the hands of his enemies. But the Church honors you and invokes you everywhere as the patron of difficult and hopeless cases.

Ruega for me because I’m so miserable, and you’ve taken advantage of the exceptional privilege I’ve granted you of being visible and receiving help right when you’ve lost all hope.

Come to my aid in this great need, so that you ma y get the guidance and comfort of the Lord in all of your needs, tribulations, and sufferings, particularly the one I’m about to present to you. (List each of your clones here.)


Alcánzame lo que humbly te pido para que pueda bendecir y alabar a Dios contigo y con todos los escogidos por toda la eternidad, with todo mi ser y todo mi corazón.

I promise you, glorious San Judas. That I will always be grateful for this great favor, and that I will never stop honoring you like my particular and powerful guardian. And doing everything I can to encourage your devotion.


Ruega por nosotros y por all los que te honoran y solicitan tu ayuda, San Judas.

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