Unique Animals That Are Only Found in Pakistan


Pakistan is home to a diverse range of wildlife; some species are unique to the region or have a significant presence there. However, listing exactly a few specific animals exclusive to Pakistan might be challenging, as the distribution of many species extends beyond national borders.

Top 7 Unique Animals That Are Only Found in Pakistan

1. Markhor


The national animal of Pakistan is a large wild goat species native to the mountains of Central Asia.

2. Snow Leopard

Snow Leopard

Inhabits the mountainous regions of northern Pakistan, a highly elusive and endangered big cat species.


3. Indus River Dolphin

Indus River Dolphin

Also known as the Blind Dolphin, this freshwater dolphin is found in the Indus River in Pakistan.

4. Pakistan Sand Cat

Pakistan Sand Cat

A small wild cat species found in the deserts of southeastern Pakistan adapted to arid environments.

5. Pakistan Gray Goral

Pakistan Gray Goral

A small ungulate found in the mountainous regions of northern Pakistan, with a distinctive gray coat adapted to rocky terrain.

6. Chiltan Wild Goat

Chiltan Wild Goat

This goat species is found in the Chiltan range of mountains in southwestern Pakistan, a subspecies of the wild goat.


7. Sindh Ibex

Sindh Ibex

It is found in the arid mountains of southeastern Pakistan, particularly in the Kirthar Range.

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