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What is a ‘Back-to-School Necklace’? All About This Disturbing Trend That Parents Need to Know About

Even though it seems like a cute adornment, this expression has a very sinister meaning.


It’s common to hear talk about everything back-to-school as October approaches. One activity that is frequently mentioned at this time is shopping; after all, picking out new school clothes and accessories at the store is fun for both kids and parents.

However, it’s crucial to realise that if you hear students talking about back-to-school necklaces, they’re not referring to a brand-new, adorable accessory. Instead, it’s a disturbing statement that you might hear in a conversation or see on social media, despite the fact that it doesn’t initially sound scary. Consequently, what precisely is a back-to-school necklace? We clarify.

What is a “back-to-school necklace”?

An urban dictionary definition of a back-to-school necklace reads “a different term for a noose. This is a result of the complete dejection you experience when classes resume.”

The following are some instances of its use: “I’m preparing to purchase my back-to-school necklace.” “I’m excited to buy a back-to-school necklace,” “I’ve been considering getting a back-to-school necklace,” I can’t wait to wear my back-to-school necklace, “That necklace is calling to me,” etc.

A back-to-school necklace is essentially a cry for help because it is a code for hanging death, even if it may seem innocent to those who are unaware of its true meaning.

However, once parents are informed about this word, they are more equipped to assist.

As a parent, your top goal is to keep your children safe, but it can be difficult to recognize warning signs. For example, if you overheard your child discussing ‘back to school necklace’ you might suppose they were talking about friendship jewelry; nevertheless, we’ve discovered the phrase actually refers to something quite dark and concerning.

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What is a back-to-school necklace? What does it mean?

A brief Google search reveals that the phrase “back to school necklace” is a euphemism for a noose, and it is used as a code for suicide by hanging.

The following is a definition and sentence example from the Urban Dictionary, which records the meanings of slang phrases:

“A noose is also known as a back-to-school necklace. This is related to the absolute misery you experience when school resumes.”

“School started Tuesday, and I couldn’t handle it any longer, so I went out and got a back-to-school necklace.”

Back to School Necklace memes

Back-to-school necklaces, like many other adolescent trends, can be found on social media in the form of hashtags and memes.

The most popular back-to-school necklace meme depicts the results of a Google image search, in which images of a noose appear when the word is searched.

Twitter reactions to ‘back to school necklaces’

Even children appear to be looking for jewelry for their first day back at school, with shocking results…

back to school necklace

Rise in youth suicide: back to school necklace

When you consider that youth suicide is on the rise in the United Kingdom, the popularity of the phrase back to school necklace is extremely concerning.

According to the Office of National Statistics (ONS), 232 young people (ages 10 to 19) committed suicide in 2015, up from 179 in 2013.

back to school necklace

If you think your child is suicidal or worried about going back to school, what should you do?

back to school necklace

It’s crucial to stay informed and vigilant, as it always is. If you hear your child say “back to school necklace” or are concerned that your youngster is suicidal for any other reason, you should seek professional treatment right away. The NHS website is a fantastic place to start because it offers guidance on how to get support as well as a list of charities to contact.

FAQS: back to scholl necklace

What is the back-to-school necklace?

‘A back-to-school necklace is another term for a noose,’ according to Urban Dictionary, a website dedicated to defining new slang words. This is related to the absolute misery you experience when school resumes.’

Why is it called back to school necklace?

According to Urban Dictionary, “a back-to-school necklace is another name for a noose.” “This is related to the profound misery you experience when school resumes.”

What is necklace slang for?

1 It’s a pearl necklace. and 2 slang Ejaculated sperm on the neck or chest of a sexual partner.

What is a noose necklace?

The NOOSE necklace is a typical example of macabre jewelry. The noose is constructed of sterling silver chains that have been braided together. This striking item will give your look just the right amount of edge.

Should schools ban homework?

Students who spend too much time on schoolwork are not reaching their developmental needs or developing other important life skills. Students who have too much homework are less likely to participate in extracurricular activities such as athletics, musical instruments, and other activities.

What is a back 2 school necklace?

Back to school necklace is slang for a “hangman’s noose.” Teenage code for committing suicide by hanging because they have to return to school is wearing a back-to-school necklace. When employing the phrase, teenagers make jokes among themselves and are rarely serious about hanging themselves.

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If you want to search the history of Mr. Beast

How do spot if a child is suffering from mental health?

The following are the main signs, according to Dr. Coyne, that a child is suffering in silence:

  • If a child’s communication changes in any way, are they avoiding social contact? or spending more time than before in their rooms?
  • Do they frequently wish to be by themselves?
  • Do they frequently use a screen?
  • mood changes
  • use of drugs or alcohol.
  • hopelessness-related emotions
  • not taking part in activities they once did.
  • lack of enjoyment in life
  • Is there an eating and sleeping schedule inconsistent?
  • They might be acting riskily, giving away their possessions, or declaring, “I won’t be around for much longer.”
  • Perhaps you’re keeping an eye out for indications of self-harm.
  • Believe trust your gut.

Even children themselves are astonished when they hear the term. One person started a trend asking people to “Record yourself before and after Google ‘back to school necklace,'” and the video below shows his reaction.


Dr. Coyne emphasized the significance of all children watching out for one another, regardless of whether your child has siblings or only friends.

“It’s really important to get kids and siblings to look out for one another, and with that, you’re trying to promote kindness and empathy. When you notice them being caring, you can say things like “that was really nice how you helped your sister,” or “….gave her a hug,” rather than focusing on them bickering.


Furthermore, she follows her own advice. “Even now, I’m reminding them, “When you go out in the city with your friends, I want you to watch out for each other and I want you to watch out for your friends too. Don’t let them go home alone.” The two of you need to be together and watch out for one another because that’s incredibly crucial.”

Inform your adolescent of your worries and urge them to confide in a trusted adult if you have any problems. Contact your GP or a healthcare provider right away for advice if you believe your teen may be in danger of self-harm.

Samaritans can be reached by calling 116 123 or sending a text message to the number 85258.

The apps Headspace (for kids), Stop, Breathe and Think Kids, and Smiling Mind is effective at reducing children’s anxiety.

For further information, you can also check out A Lust for Life.

In conjunction with World Suicide Prevention Day (10th of September), suicide prevention organization R; people(opens in new tab) has introduced a new online tool to safeguard youngsters from harmful information. It will automatically present a variety of mental health helplines and advice in its place after identifying keyword searches related to self-harm or suicide. This offers free, 24/7 phone, text, web chat, self-help apps, and pocket resources. The browser extension is free to download(opens in a new tab) and is available now.

“I got my back-to-school necklace”

If you Google the phrase, you will get images of nooses as well as memes and social media mentions.

Although it is joked about, the joke doesn’t seem very amusing given the statistics on suicide and self-harm in Australia.

According to the ABC, 41,000 of the over 65,000 Australians who attempted suicide each year in 2016 were under the age of 25.

Suicide rates have risen among young women and children under the age of 14. It accounts for a third of young men’s fatalities, and in 2016, the suicide rate among adolescents reached its highest level in ten years.

The starkness of the image completely destroys the humor of this “joke.”

To report an emergency, dial 000.

Call Lifeline at (13 11 14) or the 24-hour Suicide Call Back Service at (1300) 659-467 if you or someone you know needs assistance.

Which support systems are suggested for kids and teenagers who are anxious about starting school again?

The first source of assistance for youngsters can sometimes be their parents. The CDC advises parents to “supervise their adolescent to support healthy decision-making,” “spend time with their adolescent enjoying shared activities,” and be actively involved in their children’s education by volunteering or maintaining regular contact with instructors and administrators.

Westhouse would also support having a policy in place at the schools to assist children. Approximately 1 in 6 children reported having had a suicide plot in the previous year, a 44 percent increase from 2009, according to the CDC, before the outbreak in 2019.


Cavaleri advises preparing for school early by “being organized, visiting the school/walking [their] schedule, getting sleep, and eating properly” in order to help your child feel less anxious about returning to school.

In the end, knowledge is power, and knowing that this is a problem that affects many kids and teenagers allows parents to be more aware and seek out more assistance. Both Westhouse and Cavaleri advise treatment and, if necessary, call the new 988 suicide helpline.

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