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Creating a logo doesn’t have to be challenging. You may create a distinctive logo using Free Logos Maker Online quickly and without spending any money with the use of Canva’s logo builder. Learn how easy it is to make a logo online.

Create professional logos.

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A logo maker designed for businesspeople on the go is called Hatchful. To design your own logo from scratch, you don’t need any prior design knowledge.

free logos maker online

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Endless design possibilities

In our design studio, you can easily alter your free logo using hundreds of templates, icons, fonts, and color schemes.

free logos maker online

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Download your free logo design in high-resolution file formats that are suitable for use on business cards, merchandising, and social media.

Make a logo for free

free logos maker online

1. Choose from professional logo templates

By selecting from hundreds of expertly-made templates, you can build a unique logo using Hatchful’s free logo generator. You can select from a plethora of industries, each with a distinctive logo design, with the help of the logo maker. You’ll get immediate access to your own library of logo files as you finish creating a design with the logo builder tool.

2. Create a custom logo you own

It can be difficult to choose the ideal logo to represent your company. With a unique logo designed using Hatchful’s free logo maker, you’ll grab clients’ attention and establish a distinctive brand that represents your business concept. You may create and totally customize your logo however you wish using this free logo maker. Your own logo’s layout, fonts, and colors are completely up to you.

3. Form a unique brand identity

Using the logo maker, you have the option to develop your own brand identity when designing your company’s logo. The color scheme you select for your company logo will convey what your brand stands for, from soothing blues to energizing reds. Your company’s logo will also serve as a potential client’s first introduction to your brand. You can present your business professionally in a way that makes you shine the brightest using the free logo designs and looks available in the Hatchful logo builder.

Logo design made simple

Your brand is reflected strongly in your logo. Your potential customers will be impressed if it looks decent. Even if your goods or services are of the highest quality, if it appears terrible, they could provide the wrong impression.

Try our free logo variations to design a unique logo that’s ideal for your company. The logo generator makes it simple to develop a company logo that you can be proud of without any prior knowledge of graphic design.

You may quickly and easily create the ideal logo using Hatchful’s online builder. Simply select one of the expertly created templates that correspond to your industry area, fill it out with your company’s information, and presto! Your personal logo was produced by you.

Frequently asked questions

1. Is the Hatchful logo maker free?

You can use the free online logo creator from Hatchful to help you design your own distinctive logo. You can choose from and customize a number of expert logo designs while utilizing the logo creation tool. These free logo designs offer you complete flexibility over designing your business logo so you may create it in a way that corresponds with your brand identity. They are curated for a variety of niches and business concepts. The logo maker from Hatchful has no upfront expenditures or further fees. The logo you create using Hatchful’s logo maker is completely free and belongs to you.


2. Why choose the Hatchful logo creator?

Hatchful’s logo maker can assist you with your upcoming logo design project. You have an idea of how your brand should appear. At whatever stage of your business, you may develop the brand design you want using Hatchful logo templates. So bid adieu to all those expensive logo designers and welcome to the world of free logo design. Hatchful is the way to go if you’re seeking a professional logo maker that won’t break the bank for your company.

3. Can you add a slogan to the logo on Hatchful?

You can, indeed! A slogan can be added to any expert design when utilizing the Hatchful logo generator after your company name has been included. If your company doesn’t already have a slogan. You may either move on to the next phase or create a special term that captures the essence of your enterprise. This will raise the bar for your individual logo considerably.

4. How does the Hatchful logo maker work?

With Hatchful’s logo maker tool, you can easily build your own logo in a matter of minutes. Check out other websites and brands in your field to get ideas for your new logo before you start utilizing the logo creator tool. This will assist you in selecting the ideal color palette and mood for your particular logo designs. When you’re ready to use the logo maker, go to and select “Get Started” to design your own logo. Select the category and graphic design that you feel best conveys your company. Then, determine where you want to use the logo, such as your website or social media accounts, and input your company name and/or slogan, if you have one.

You can choose where to use your free logo in all the relevant locations. Next, select a free logo design from the available alternatives that fit your brand or company. Once you’ve decided on a company logo, you can alter and customize each design as you see fit. You’re ready to download your unique logo for your company once you’ve finished customizing it.

5. What makes a good logo?

Making a logo that accurately conveys your brand and its values is crucial because it is a key component of business branding. Here are some important considerations for non-designers to bear in mind when using Hatchful’s logo maker to create a business logo:

Simple: for professional-looking logos, less is more. Customers may be turned off by a crowded logo, especially if they must spend extra effort to decipher what it says or denotes.

Appropriate: Use slogans and emblems that are appropriate for the goods or services you provide to avoid appealing to the wrong demographic.

Remarkable: The marketplace now is more cutthroat than ever. Your logo needs to be distinctive to stand out.

Versatile: Since logos are frequently used in a variety of contexts (online, in print, and in the media). You must make sure that your logo is adaptable and mobile-friendly so that it looks well on a wide range of platforms.

6. Where can I share my new logo?

Following the completion of your free logo design with the Hatchful logo builder, you can add it to the following locations:

Website: Include a logo in the footer and top navigation of your page.

Business cards: By including a new logo on your cards, you can increase brand identification among clients and industry peers. You can distribute business cards at conferences, networking gatherings, and other events with your new logo prominently displayed.

7. Did you know Hatchful is a free logo maker created by Shopify?

With the goal of improving commerce for all, Shopify is a platform that lets you create a physical or online business. For you to have a free logo with your own corporate identity. Shopify produced Hatchful, a free online logo creator tool.

Shopify features a tonne of free tools that can assist you in growing your business, just like this logo maker. You may find a variety of free tools to help you expand your business more effectively. Such as product sourcing apps and retail marketplaces. Over 6,000 commerce apps that enable you to start, run, and expand your business are also powered by Shopify. The store builder on Shopify is user-friendly, and its drag-and-drop elements make it simple for both novice and seasoned business owners to establish their enterprises. You can rely on Shopify to keep your business functioning smoothly during significant flash sales events or during the busy holiday season thanks to its consistent uptime.