Best restaurants on the beach Miami right now


best restaurants on the beach miami

Miami Beach Restaurants: Miami Beach consisted of clubbing South Beach restaurants with VIP sections packed with A-listers and meals full of that old lady-type from There’s Something About Mary. And sure, that is still available, it must be said. However, The Beach now boasts a dining culture that rivals that of most major cities. A restaurant nirvana that extends from the inlet all the way up to Bal Harbour is made up of celebrity chef-driven restaurants, time-honored favorites, and local specialties that are just as upscale as the New Yorkers who moved there. These aren’t simply wonderful restaurants for Miami Beach; if you reside in Miami or are just passing through for the evening, you should put these locations on your list.

Time Out Market Miami

What happens when editors are dispatched to the city to find the top eateries and chefs? Time Out Market, a South Beach food and cultural destination with some of Miami’s top talents and upcoming chefs, is the result of their combined efforts. There are several local favorites with offshoots in the kitchens, including Phuc Yea’s Pho Mo. Try some cocktails from some of Miami’s best bars while you’re there. And see the cool artwork and details on Market activities on our enormous LED screen. Our goal is straightforward (but it’s stated here): If we find something in Miami that’s fantastic. It gets covered by our media; if it’s unforgettable, it gets sold.

Time Out says

Have you ever wanted to simply bite through Time Out Miami while you were reading it? Yes, when we write about all that amazing food and browse those culinary photographs. We kind of experience the same emotions. We’ve come close to drooling on our keyboard more than once. Time Out Market was created with that idea in mind: To create the ideal culinary representation of a city by bringing together all the incredible chefs, restaurants, and foods that we gush about. Simply put, Time Out editors have previously recognized all of the chefs, bars, and restaurants we examine for Time Out Market. Therefore, we are aware of the establishment’s five-star status even before the first drink or dish is given. For all the information about the restaurants, beverages, and art at TOMM,

Best Miami Beach Restaurants

best restaurants on the beach miami

1. Stubborn Seed Miami Beach Restaurants

best restaurants on the  beach miami

Chef Jeremy Ford became somewhat of a celebrity chef after winning Top Chef and receiving a Michelin star. But his home base in South Beach isn’t as opulent as all that. And it always feels more like a party. With cacio e Pepe cheese puffs that are legendary in their own right and an eight-course, $175 tasting menu that highlights the skills of one of the best cooking staff in Miami-Dade. The menu is as well executed as anyplace.

2. The Surf Club Restaurant

best restaurants on the beach miami

Thomas Keller is widely regarded as one of the greatest American chefs now working. The first Keller restaurant in Miami serves traditional fare while evoking the glamour of the 1950s and 1960s in America. With lively music, welcoming service, and a Maine lobster thermidor that looks so beautiful you might want to buy a frame for the family room. We’re delighted to report that it’s much more enjoyable than it sounds.

3. Macchialina Miami Beach Restaurants

For those of us who frequent the restaurant frequently. It’s okay that Macchialina didn’t make the Michelin list of the top Miami restaurants. Since we value the fact that we can still (usually) get a table at a location that is superior to several that did receive a star. Aside from a charming dining room with hearty Italian fares like perfectly cooked pasta and long-simmered polenta. Macchialina also boasts a cocktail program serving up complex drinks, a bustling small bar scene, a great patio out back, and a cocktail list.


4. Casa Isola

best restaurants on the beach miami

Italian eateries that have moved from New York to South Beach might attract more attention, but Casa Isola outshines them from a little location in Sunset Harbour. There are two crispy branzino fillets placed atop a bowl of brothy clams, as well as a carpaccio with fresh snow of truffles. A rigatoni al vodka, or possibly a shot of Carbone, can make you feel like your grandmother just served her famous dish.

5. Byblos Miami

best restaurants on the beach miami

The cuisine of Lebanon and its Eastern Mediterranean neighbors is enhanced in this South Beach establishment that is just as opulent as you’d imagine. The front dining room, which is divided into two areas, sparkles in the late-afternoon sunlight. While the back room takes on the vibe of a loungey nightclub after hours. Turkish dumplings, kibbeh, wood-fired pies, and roasted lamb shoulder cooked with sumac are just a few of the dishes that seem to be a hit here.

6. Amalia Miami Beach Restaurants

The Lennox Hotel is a tribute to Art Deco design, and its restaurant is a perfect complement, recalling a more glitzy time. To prepare dishes like smoked eggplant with burrata, cheese-filled gnocchi with roasted tomatoes. And porcini ravioli with toasted hazelnuts dotting the cream sauce, chef Hernan Griccini combines his Argentine heritage with traditional Italian dishes.

7. Taquiza North Beach

Our favorite foods are tacos, quesadillas, and margaritas, all of which are excellent. This eatery has to be one of your faves. Because it is directly across from the beach and is laid-back enough for you to show up with sand on your flip-flops.

8. Silverlake Bistro

There is a lot of glitz and glamour in Miami Beach, but sometimes you want a neighborhood restaurant like Silverlake. Where the food is constantly terrific, the service is always welcoming. And where we have yet to find anything on the menu that we couldn’t suggest. Test that idea with a double-patty cheeseburger topped with a piece of bacon, cheddar, and porcini mayo sauce and served with wistful shoestring fries.

9. 27 Restaurant & Bar at Freehand Miami

The cool kids eat at this quaint 1930s bungalow on the Freehand Miami site (they probably stumbled over from the Broken Shaker). Shakshuka is the star dish at brunch, and kimchi fried rice is the star dish at supper, along with a few other delectable selections.

10. Matador Room | best restaurants on the beach miami

The Matador Room raises the bar for customers with a name like Michelin-starred chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten attached. And it more than lives up to expectations in terms of both experience and cuisine. Its 1950s-inspired mid-century style has a lot more elegant than the stuffy vibe, despite looking like it was designed in that era. The seasonal menu, which includes handcrafted pizzas, exquisite seafood selections, and lots of small plates to pass around before heading to the Basement downstairs, incorporates tastes from the Caribbean, Spain, and Latin America.

11. Osteria Morini

Ignore the slightly antiseptic atmosphere inside and reserve a table by the canal instead. There, a lush patio feels just the perfect amount of al fresco for the great Italian food offered here. Before moving on to the delicate cappelletti with truffled ricotta, prosciutto, and melted butter. It’s a fantastic idea to start with the Roman-style artichokes with herbed yogurt and grilled branzino.

12. Le Zoo | best restaurants on the beach miami

Due to its wonderful string lights and generally stylish design. You wouldn’t know that this adorable French bistro is actually located inside a mall. Due to its status as a Stephen Starr establishment. Le Zoo must retain a particular reputation. Which it achieves admirably with a menu that blends traditional and contemporary fare and includes dishes like steak fries and duck confit pizza.

13. Makoto

Yes, we are recommending a second Stephen Starr establishment in a mall. But there is a solid reason for it: hot tuna crispy rice. Although Makoto is known for its famed appetizer. It also offers upmarket sushi, robata-grilled proteins, and veggies that draw customers from all over the world.

14. Sushi Erika | best restaurants on the beach miami

best restaurants on the beach miami

This might be the best sushi in the area, despite the establishment’s obviously terrible drop-ceiling dining room and, shall we say, modest appearance. The sushi and sashimi menu items appear dressed for much more upscale eating establishments. But the best bet is to rely on chef Erika Kushi’s specials. Which vary based on what’s in season and what she has in mind that day.

15. Cecconi’s

best restaurants on the beach miami

Since it debuted as the sole public offering inside the upscale Soho Beach House, Cecconi’s popularity hasn’t diminished. You can mingle with members here and receive the same five-star service. Who are we kidding, though? We’ve come for the pasta, whether it’s filled, baked, or covered in homemade sauce. Not bad also is the romantic illumination provided by a little forest covered in glittering garlands.

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