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Chili’s Near Me

What location of the closest Chili’s grill and bar is there for me to eat?

The locations of Chili’s close by are listed in the article you’re reading to assist you in locating the answers to your great query.

How to find Chili’s grill & bar nearby

Chili’s Near Me

1) You can find every Chili’s location in your neighborhood on Google Maps. Use the “view larger map” option to view the map in full-screen mode.

2) To see a list of their current nearest locations to you, go here to the official restaurant locator and input your city, state, or zip code in the search box. A screenshot of their search function is provided below:

Chili’s Near Me

As you can see, you can also select “use my present location” to have a restaurant in your vicinity found for you automatically.

You can find information on restaurants close to you, including phone numbers, street addresses, and driving directions, by typing a city or zip code into the search box.

Chili’s Near Me

You can use the map to get directions to the restaurant and to check information on the meal by clicking on “details.”

*Use this site’s zip code search to look for online orders.

3) To find a Chili’s restaurant in your area, use the website’s search bar.

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Phone number

Tel: 404-848-7979

Note: This is the store’s contact number located in Atlanta, GA 30324.

Opening hours

The majority of Chili eateries are open from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m.; however, on the weekends, they close at midnight.

About Chili’s

One of the best Mexican “grill and bar” restaurants today when it comes to fast food is Chilis. They offer to-go orders in addition to dine-in options close to your location.


The name of this restaurant business is unmistakably derived from “Chili,” a vegetable that is red and quite spicy.

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