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Invisalign has completely changed the way that teeth can be straightened. It has emerged as a substantial substitute for conventional metal braces thanks to its ground-breaking technology. We have taken some invisalign before and after pictures of some of our clients who we’ve treated to assist give you an idea of what to expect with Invisalign and to show you some of our Invisalign results. You can see the complexity of each situation as well as the satisfying outcomes for each client from these before and after pictures. Schedule your smile consultation with us right now to find out if Invisalign is the correct option for you.

Patient 1

The patient’s main complaint when she arrived at the office was that she “never wanted to smile.” Her teeth cross-biting, crowding, and improperly erupting canines were all treated with Invisalign. There were 15 months of treatment.

Patient 2

The patient’s upper front tooth hanging out was his main complaint when he first arrived. and his smile’s overall aging appearance. The 13-month Invisalign treatment was followed by Zoom! whitening to give the patient a whiter smile.

Patient 3

The patient’s main complaint when he first came in was a significant diastem a space between his upper front teeth. The full closure of the gap was achieved with Invisalign treatment.


Patient 4

The main complaint of the 29-year-old man was his uneven front “buck” teeth, which caused him to frequently bite his lip with his lower canine in a crossbite. After a 10-month clear aligner treatment, cosmetic enamel reshaping was performed to create a more aesthetically pleasing, uniform smile.

Patient 5

The patient was very dissatisfied with the way her teeth looked. They were crowded and old, in her opinion. Poor angulations and crowding were corrected with Invisalign, and the chipped and uneven upper front two teeth were fixed with cosmetic dental bonding.

Patient 6

The patient’s primary complaints upon presentation were an uneven upper smile and “buck-spaced front teeth.” The accelerated Propel technique required 4 months to complete the clear aligner treatment.

Patient 7

The patient’s main issue when he first came in was that he disliked his “underbite,” which made it difficult for him to chew correctly and was causing his gums to recede. Treatment with Invisalign took 15 months to finish. The patient was overjoyed with his new smile and ability to properly chew meals.

Patient 8

The upper smile made the patient uncomfortable. She believed her front teeth protruded “like a bunny.” The use of clear aligners produced a more symmetrical, healthy, organic, and youthful smile.

Patient 9

Patient underwent Invisalign treatment to address his upper and lower crowding. Following her Invisalign treatment, the patient was able to maintain a healthier mouth and gums, which she found to be a significant cosmetic benefit.

Patient 10

A canine that was “stuck up in the gums” and a smile that appeared childlike were the patient’s main complaints when she was 22 years old. With the help of Dr. Steven Davidowitz’s accelerated propel technique, the Invisalign treatment took just 10 months to complete.

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