Plant Powered Fast Food Releases New Classic Burger Lineup


Plant Powered Fast Food

Plant Energy Fast Food announces significant cooperation with Alpha Foods and discloses historically low prices for healthier, more environmentally friendly, plant-based burgers.

The nation’s largest network of 100% plant-based fast food restaurants Plant Power Fast Food has introduced additional low-cost menu options as well as a new, exclusive pea-protein burger patty.

According to co-founder and CEO Jeffrey Harris, the launch of a new low-cost “Classic Burger” line by Plant Power brings the business one step closer to its objective of price parity with traditional fast food restaurants. According to Harris, the new hamburger and cheeseburger are prices at $4.95 and $5.95, respectively. Respectively, this is a huge step in the right direction.

Compared to Burger King, which charges $7.99 for its Impossible Burger, Plant Power Fast Food provides less expensive vegan burger options. Additionally, Plant Power is now comparable in price to animal meat burgers of a similar size at well-known fast food restaurants like McDonald’s, Wendy’s, and Burger King. For a variety of reasons, vegan or plant-based meat is more expensive. Although the price difference is getting smaller as producers respond to consumer demand by increasing supply.

Zach Vouga, Co-Founder and COO of Plant Power, discussed how increased accessibility for consumers interested in plant-based choices will be facilitated by lower price points. One of the main complaints about plant-based food, according to Vouga, is that it is pricey. “Our goal is to remove that barrier and make plant-based fast food an easy choice,” Vouga says.


Plant Powered Fast Food

The company also revealed its brand-new, exclusive pea-protein burger patty that is devoid of GMOs and gluten. Vouga claims that this new innovation has been in the works for several years: “We have worked closely with Alpha Foods’ R&D for nearly two years to meticulously perfect the new juicy, smokey, and insanely delicious burger patty and we are happy with the results.”


The San Diego-based company now operates 11 restaurants in addition to a food truck. According to a company representative, by the start of 2023, the company anticipates opening 15 restaurants.

Visit to learn more about the business, its mission, the founders’ philosophy, and its menu options.

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