Sidemen Charity Football Match


Sidemen Charity Football Match

Sidemen FC fought back in incredible fashion to beat the YouTube All Stars 8-7 in the Sidemen Charity Football Match 2022.

The game finished in a fantastic thriller, with Sidemen hero Miniminter scoring a scorching hat-trick that included a late victory.

The game, which pitted YouTube All-Stars against KSI’s Sidemen squad, was long SOLD OUT at Charlton’s The Valley stadium.

Chunkz and Yung Filly scored screamers for the YouTube All-Stars among the FIFTY goals tallied.

  • Final score: Sidemen 8-7 All-Stars of YouTube
  • Watch: The sidemen channel on YouTube
  • Sidemen FC: KSI, W2S, Zerkaa, Vikkstar, TBJZL, Benzinga, Mrbeast, Karl Jacobs, Chrism, Pieface, JME, Lazarbeam, Manny, Randolph, Callux, and Calfreezy are the members of the sidemen FC.
  • YouTube All-Stars: Niko Omilana, Yung Filly, Cal the Dragon, Chris Tyson, Ishowspeed, Noah Beck, Deji, Theo Baker, Chunkz, Jidion, Castro, AnesonGib, Danny Aarons, and Georgenotfound are included in the YouTube All-Stars.
  • The Campaign Against Living Miserably, Teenage Cancer Trust, Rays of Sunshine, and M7E organizations will get the proceeds.

26TH SEPT 2022, 09:34
Double celebration for dad Ethan

Just hours after the Sidemen’s charity match versus the YouTube Allstars, Ethan Payne became a father.

Payne participated in Saturday’s match between the YouTube supergroup and the Allstars in front of a packed Valley Stadium.

But a few hours later, when their daughter Olive was born to his partner Faith Kelly, his life was irrevocably altered.

On Sunday night, Payne informed his four million Instagram fans of the news.

The 27-year-old uploaded a photo of himself cradling Olive, a baby, and the championship trophy to social media.

His caption was as follows: “What a weekend, Olive Ottilie Payne, welcome to the world.

“I am so incredibly proud of @faithlouisak for everything, and it fills my heart to the brim.

“Superheroes are women. I will always love my small family.”

26TH SEPT 2022, 05:33
The joy of ‘Goldbridge ball’

In their 8-7 loss against Sidemen FC, YouTube Allstars’ freely-flowing fifth goal served as an apparent example of the “Goldbridge ball.”

Castro completed the intricate 13-pass sequence from the keeper to the opponent’s net with a low, left-foot slot into the bottom corner.

The “liquid football” espoused by former United Stand FC and current YouTube Allstars leader Goldbridge, 43, whose real name is Brent Di Cesare, is symptomatic, according to Sport Bible, of what is known as “liquid football.”

26TH SEPT 2022, 04:38
Miniminter picks up MOTM award

After Sidemen FC’s 8-7 victory over YouTube Allstars, it came time to choose a man of the match, and the result was inevitable.

Miniminter, a Sidemen striker and popular YouTuber, lived up to his name once more by scoring the game-winning hat-trick and dishing out several assists.

The 30-year-old received a nearly perfect 9.9 on these player ratings from The SportsGrail since it was his third hat trick in four Sidemen charity games.

25TH SEPT 2022, 17:47
Goodbye from us

That’s all from us, as Sidemen FC and YouTube Allstars demonstrate that football can be successful without the involvement of professionals.

Amazingly, 25,000 fans showed up at the Valley, and 2.6 million people watched a live webcast of a thrilling contest featuring players like KSI and Chunkz.

It was the Sidemen FC who prevailed 8-7, but charity was the true victor.

Over £1 million was successfully raised by both teams for their chosen charity.

Bravo to everyone.

25TH SEPT 2022, 17:11
iShowSpeed compilation

On Twitter, a humorous video of iShowSpeed’s matchup with Sidemen FC has surfaced.

It’s an odd collection of videos showcasing the player’s skills, from amazing stepovers to crushing tackles.

Don’t forget about the time he sprinted halfway across the field after stripping off his shirt to lash referee Mark Clattenburg.

25TH SEPT 2022, 15:38
Behnzinga the daddy

Ethan Payne, also known as Behzinga, had many reasons to be happy.

Football went in favor of the Sidemen.

After then, his missus gave birth to a child they later named Olive.

Additionally, he posted a photo of himself with his daughter and the trophy that Sidemen had won after defeating the YouTube Allstars.

25TH SEPT 2022, 14:36
Spurs dissed | Sidemen Charity Football Match

Thanks to Specsavers, Tottenham ended up being the punchline of the joke.

Sidemen FC’s 8-7 victory over YouTube Allstars astounded the eyeglass specialists.

They instantly turned to Twitter to make fun of the North London club’s recent lack of honors.

The tweet read, “#SidemenCharityMatch The Sidemen have more titles than Spurs.”

25TH SEPT 2022, 13:26
Chunkz – just like Berbatov

Chunks, a YouTube Allstars star, has been compared to Dimitar Berbatov, a Man Utd icon.

On Saturday, the social media star opened the scoring with a screamer.

According to The xG Philosophy, there was a 0.02 xG chance of his scoring from 40 yards out, and supporters immediately remarked on his genius.

“Outrageous from Chunkz, full-on Berbatov vibes in this game,” one person remarked.

What a goal! another supporter wrote. Chunkz is amazing. He strikes the ball better than many Premier League strikers, one person even said.

25TH SEPT 2022, 12:30
Goldbridge reacts to Sidemen Charity Match

The manager of YouTube Allstars, Mark Goldbridge, responded to Saturday’s 8-7 loss at The Valley.

Regardless of the outcome of the game, the Man Utd superfan was ecstatic about the incredibly successful charity event.

What a day!, he tweeted. The sidemen have raised nearly a million for charity! Outstanding organization and effort. They’re going beyond what’s now possible.

“Big shoutout to each and every player. Superb! Additionally, the suit is not being hung up. When needed, it is at the dry cleaners and is prepared to go again.


25TH SEPT 2022, 11:57
Sidemen FC 8-7 YouTube Allstars

Here is a summary of yesterday’s game.

The Sidemen rallied in the second half to defeat the Allstars 8-7 after the Allstars had a 4-3 halftime advantage.

A thrilling 15-goal game! That can’t be said about a game in The Valley very often!

25TH SEPT 2022, 11:27
Speed foul on KSI | Sidemen Charity Football Match

Here is the foul that Speed committed against KSI in the first few seconds of yesterday’s game.

Take a bite of that!

25TH SEPT 2022, 10:57
KSI in good spirits after Speed foul

16 seconds into the charity match between Sidemen vs. YouTube All Stars, KSI was eliminated.

IshowSpeed, a fellow YouTuber, ran across the field before crashing into KSI with a clumsily timed challenge.

However, the American appeared happy with the tackle, hitting the ground in joy and then bouncing about with happiness.

After his snide remarks backfired in spectacular fashion, KSI was unable to help but giggle about the scenario.

Prior to the match, KSI had made fun of Speed’s skill and wished for the streamer to play poorly.

Said KSI: “My objective is to make Speed’s experience playing against me miserable. Even when it comes to stinkers, this man is complete garbage. The man performed one talent and was exhausted. This Saturday, a new scam is revealed.”

KSI was quick to make fun of himself and the after-full-time encounter with Speed.

Speed was giving him an L in the first 20 seconds of the game, he tweeted.

25TH SEPT 2022, 10:27
Muted celebrations on the pitch explained

The Sidemen have given an explanation on social media for why they chose to wait until they were back in the dressing room before celebrating on the field.

The stadium gates had to be closed because some spectators tried to enter without paying, according to a tweet.

“We are so grateful to everyone who made today so special and contributed to the over £1,000,000 in donations we received for our amazing organizations of choice.

“Unfortunately, we were obliged to seal the gates when a small number of people tried to break into the stadium, thus some of you weren’t allowed to enter despite having tickets.

“We recognize that those who were unfairly impacted by this decision are extremely frustrated and disappointed, but this was a security and safety decision. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.

25TH SEPT 2022, 09:57
KSI on the Charity Match | Sidemen Charity Football Match

Prior to yesterday’s game, as they got ready to take the field in front of a packed house in Charlton, KSI shared his thoughts with Sky Sports.

He stated: “The energy of 27,000 yelling, shouting, and ready-to-go people is fantastic, and everyone is humming.

“Ten years ago, we were playing Fifa in our beds while assuming the roles of our favorite football players.

“I never thought I’d be able to perform my current activities, like boxing, singing, or being on a pitch. I had not anticipated any of this.”

25TH SEPT 2022, 09:27
Charity match raises £1m for charity

Over £1,000,000 has been raised thanks to the thrilling 15-goal game between Sidemen FC and the YouTube All-Stars on Saturday.

The social media star party peaked with a massive 2.5 million YouTube watchers.

The Teenage Cancer Trust, Living Miserably, Rays of Sunshine, and M7E were the four organizations to which spectators were asked to donate money throughout the game.

As thousands of others watch the match again on the official feed, the overall donation amount continues to rise.

Incredibly, 18 million people tuned in throughout the first day.

25TH SEPT 2022, 08:58
Filly reacts to a goal

After scoring an incredible goal in the Sidemen Charity Match, Yung Filly responded.

“I scored in the @Sidemen charity match, can’t stop watching it back,” he wrote on social media.

The Allstars took a 3-2 lead thanks to a goal by Filly in the 26th minute, but they ultimately fell short 8-7.

25TH SEPT 2022, 08:30
Sidemen FC 8-7 YouTube Allstars

Here is a recap of what happened on Saturday afternoon at The Valley.

The Sidemen rallied in the second half to defeat the Allstars 8-7 after the Allstars had a 4-3 halftime advantage.

25TH SEPT 2022, 08:02
Zerker gives his reaction | Sidemen Charity Football Match

Josh Zerker, a member of Sidemen, commented on the charity game on social media.

“2.6m peak concurrent viewers,” he stated. More than £1 million was donated to charity. 15 goals in one game

Sidemen forever!

25TH SEPT 2022, 07:34
Beck reacts to Sidemen Charity Match

In response to yesterday’s 8-7 loss against the Sidemen, Noah Beck has commented.

As he tweeted: “I played a little s***, and it’s terrible that it didn’t work out.

“BUT STILL, I just want to express my gratitude to @Sidemen and all the wonderful people I’ve met here for making this all possible.

“Additionally, they scored 15 goals together and raised a tremendous amount of money for charity. Memories.”

25TH SEPT 2022, 07:07
Top rated players | Sidemen Charity Football Match

The top five players from yesterday’s Sidemen Charity Match are listed below.

  • Miniminter – 9.9
  • TBJZL – 9.6
  • Chunkz – 9.0
  • ChrisMD – 8.6
  • Niko – 8.5

25TH SEPT 2022, 06:39
Sidemen Charity Match player ratings

The Sidemen Charity Match made a comeback on Saturday after a four-year absence, and KSI’s Sidemen team narrowly prevailed 8-7.


At Charlton’s stadium, which seats 27,111 fans, there was a jam-packed crowd.

And the crowd was treated to a glut of goals, including some incredible long-range shots and dubious goalkeeping from both shot-stoppers.

Here is how each participant in the game was evaluated.

25TH SEPT 2022, 06:10
Speed hits out at Clattenburg

Following the Sidemen Charity Game, YouTuber Speed threw insults at former Premier League referee Mark Clattenburg.

The American complained to the authorities after having a goal disallowed for offside, even though it was obviously the correct judgment.

God, oh God! You know, I had so much resentment inside of me. I’m mad, dude,” he exclaimed following the last horn.

Who’s that referee? Do you even referee in the Premier League, bro? They merely hate, and that is a clear objective. I’m furious right now, buddy.

25TH SEPT 2022, 05:42
Miniminter delivers in a charity match

Member of the Sidemen Miniminter, who scored a hat-trick in Charlton, was the star of the show.

And only 0.4 xG was used for his three goals!

He had ten shots on goal, and in the end, his efforts were what separated the two teams.

25TH SEPT 2022, 05:15
Another game in 2023?

Next year, KSI has made it known that he would like to host another Sidemen Charity Match.

What a day, he said. Even though I’m completely exhausted, I’m extremely pleased with what the online and social media community accomplished today. So entertaining and successful in raising funds for charity. A significant event.

“Many thanks to everyone who helped make this event so unique. eager to repeat it the following year:)

25TH SEPT 2022, 04:40
Speed continues troll of KSI

One of the show’s stars was American YouTuber IShowspeed, who kept teasing KSI on Twitter even after the battle.

The streamer crashed into KSI in a matter of seconds, and Speed uploaded a picture of himself standing over his foe following the match.

He said in the photo’s caption, “I own you, tiny bro,”

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