SooperChef: The Largest Digital Food Network in Pakistan


Why SooperChef’s 1-minute instant cooking videos are immensely popular all across the nation?

SooperChef is Pakistan’s first and only full FOOD Network. It has a special link with its audience because it is completely altering the culinary style, making it easy for families to make and learn new food dishes for their loved ones on a regular basis.

The increased Internet penetration in Pakistan has created a demand for visualizing culinary content, and SooperChef is rapidly catching up with an ever-growing user base. This Pakistani food network firm has over 2.0 million Facebook Fan Followers, and their 1-minute rapid cooking recipe idea receives thousands of millions of views, shares, tags, likes, comments, recommendations, and more from their adoring fans on a regular basis.

The startup has created a new approach to communicating with its large fan base that is completely unique, authentic, and based on the fact that people truly develop a desire to cook and eat meals. Every video that is published receives the most tags, shares, comments, likes, and recommendations from friends and family for unique cuisine to try for dinner today. This isn’t simply another one-hour culinary show with a slew of irrelevant adverts. It creates a seamless connection between the user and the recipes.

The underlying reason for their success in just a few months while the firm was gaining traction can be summed up in two points: foodies enjoy tantalizing, tasty, and exquisite food, as well as the convenience of learning to cook a delicious meal in a short amount of time.


As it approaches its eighth month, the most popular recipe on Digital Food Network has amassed a 24 million+ audience, 16 million+ monthly views, 5 million+ user engagement, 300,000+ monthly website traffic, and 2.5 million+ YouTube videos views, and a satisfying positive sentiment of viewers of 99 percent.

SooperChef aspires to provide its viewers with a delightful and diverse range of unique cooking ideas while also teaching them how to cook in the most basic of ways. The recipes are accompanied by clear instructions in both English and Urdu on how to prepare a delicious meal for housewives and their loved ones.

They created movies that are solely optimized for smartphones and meet Facebook News Feed Standards, allowing users to simply hold their smartphone in one hand while attempting to cook their favorite cuisine with the other. By maintaining legitimate channels across social media platforms, websites, and Android and iOS apps, SooperChef claim to give a 360-degree solution for its audience.

SooperChef is available for download on both Android and iOS, and the app is bilingual (English and Urdu), allowing it to reach the widest possible audience across the country. Without a doubt, the app is quite popular among foodies who want to experience delectable Pakistani, Chinese, Continental, Sweets, Desserts, and other recipes all in one place. Users can engage and share their cooking ideas, and experiences, and start a debate about their questions using the app’s built-in community function.


Cooking techniques and recipes are typically taught in 1-minute quick videos that are so simple to follow that even a novice may learn the art of culinary at home by following simple cooking steps. SooperChef remains your actual cooking friend if you are a first-timer in the kitchen.

So far, SooperChef has enlisted the help of a couple of industry titans to develop food and beverage products. For example, Mehran Foods & Spices, Mitchell’s, and Guard Rice are all part of a long-term collaboration, and many more are in the process of joining the league.