7 Worst Dishes at Texas Roadhouse


Worst Dishes at Texas Roadhouse, Thanks to their Texas-sized portions, extensive steak menu, and downhome charm of being able to chew on some peanuts before discarding the shells straight on the floor. Texas Roadhouse is a business that has gained followers across the nation.

However, many of the chain’s dishes, appetizers, and even salads are laden with fat, carbohydrates, and sodium. Despite always promising a good time.

According to Dr. Lisa Young, Ph.D., RDN, author of Finally Full. Finally, Slim, “the items that are the least healthful are either the enormous servings or the fried options.” The complete slab of ribs, for instance, has a lot more calories than the half slab.

You shouldn’t let the possibility of gaining weight from seven items stop you from dining here. Especially if you desire one of their hallmark dishes. The good news, according to Dr. Young, is that there are options for healthier foods and lesser servings on the menu.

See the worst meals you should never eat at Texas Roadhouse in the following paragraphs.

1. Cactus Blossom

The Cactus Blossom at Texas Roadhouse is calling your name if you want to gorge on a huge fat bomb before your main dinner arrives. According to Dr. Young, one of the least healthful foods is deep-fried cactus blossoms. I advise giving it to at least six people.

In addition to having a calorie content that substantially surpasses the daily suggested amount, the starter is ridiculously high in salt and carbohydrates.

2. Fried Catfish, 4-piece

Fish should, on paper, be a healthier alternative to many varieties of red meat. But when Texas Roadhouse’s catfish is deep-fried and dusted with salt. It becomes one of the least healthful options on the menu. Dr. Young advises staying away from this substantial plate of fried fish since it contains an astounding 93 grams of fat.

The restaurant provides a variety of alternative, healthier fish options if you’re in the mood for seafood (including a three-piece version of the same catfish meal). A Southern-Style Cornmeal Catfish With Tomato Gravy can be made at home, which is even better.


3. Sierra Chicken Pasta

A chicken pasta dish shouldn’t theoretically ruin your diet. But Texas Roadhouse’s version of the dish threatens to do just that. The Sierra Chicken Pasta has nearly a day’s worth of salt and fat in addition to more than half of your daily recommended caloric intake.

Try the chain’s Grilled BBQ Chicken for a better white meat alternative if you need a lighter option and want to avoid red meat.

4. Bone-In Ribeye: Worst Dishes at Texas Roadhouse

Texas Roadhouse takes pleasure in offering a variety of red meat. The Bone-In Ribeye, however, is not only the least calorie-dense option on the entire menu. But also the least healthful cut of beef among all of the choices.

Over a day’s worth of fat, as well as roughly 75% of a day’s worth of calories and salt, are contained in each steak. The ribeye is a fairly fatty meat, to begin with, and dietitians even rank it as the least healthy steak to order.

5. Fall off the bone ribs, full slab

Worst Dishes at Texas Roadhouse

Few entrees at Texas Roadhouse compare to the complete rack of ribs when you truly want to go all out. Don’t expect to avoid the calories that come with the enormous lunch. Even if it can easily astound any hungry consumer who orders it.
Anyone who has a complete rack of these ribs in one sitting should anticipate consuming a day’s worth of salt. More fat than is advised, and almost 75% of your daily caloric intake. If you’re in the mood for ribs, take Dr. Young’s general advice to heart and order the half rack.

6. Country Fried Sirloin: Worst Dishes at Texas Roadhouse

Worst Dishes at Texas Roadhouse

Although Texas Roadhouse’s rendition of Country Fried Sirloin contains fewer calories than some of the restaurant chain’s other meals, it is still very high in carbohydrates.

Even though each dish of this fried steak has a day’s worth of fat and salt. Many guests might feel the need to go above and beyond by slathering the protein in country gravy. You can always choose to prepare this country-fried steak at home to manage the real amount of salt and fat in the dish.


7. Steakhouse Filet Salad: Worst Dishes at Texas Roadhouse

Worst Dishes at Texas Roadhouse

When it comes to stuffing their dishes full of steak, Texas Roadhouse doesn’t hold back, and that includes their salads. The Steakhouse Filet Salad has more fat, calories, and carbohydrates. And salt than many of the chain’s steaks. which may surprise anyone who chooses it in the hopes of consuming a healthy dinner.

If you want to eat wisely at Texas Roadhouse. pick the Grilled Salmon Salad or the Chicken Critter Salad as your entree instead.