healthier fast food

Advice on how to choose healthier fast food.

healthier fast food

Is it fair that if you’re losing weight or eating a healthy diet, you must give up fast food? Definitely not.

If you’re careful about just what you order, a brief trip to the McDonalds joint can fit into a nutritious diet. Check out the following suggestions.

Portion sizes ought to be small.

Choose the smallest hamburger size if the fast-food restaurant offers many. Burgers with two or three parties, which might include over 900 calories, should be avoided.

Instead, choose a 250-calorie standard or children’s hamburger. Also, instead of the huge portion of potato chips, get the small one. This switch alone can save you up to 200 calories.

Choose more nutritional side dishes.

Take advantage of the nutritious side dishes available at many fast-food venues. Choose a side salad with low-fat dressing or a baked potato instead of french fries. Alternatively, serve your meal with a fruit dish or a fruit and yogurt combination.

Apple or orange slices, corn on the cob, steamed rice, baked potato chips, or a broth-based soup are all nutritious options.


Green is the way to go.

Choose a salad with greens and grilled chicken or shrimp for your meal. Choose a dressing that you enjoy, but be careful with the amount you use.

To keep the number of calories from added fat and other undesirable additives like added salt and sugar within control, use half the package or keep the salad dressing on the side.

High-calorie salads, such as those with deep-fried shells or those with breaded chicken or other fried toppings, should really be avoided. Also, avoid putting extras like cheese and croutons, which add calories quickly.

Grilled foods are indeed a wise option.

Fried and breaded foods are heavy in fat and calories, such as crispy chicken nuggets and coated fish fillets. Pick foods that can be grilled or roasted, such as chicken breast or lean roast beef.

Stay updated on what you consume.

Many beverages have high-calorie content. A medium ordinary soda, for example, with a volume of 32 ounces (960 milligrams), can have up to 400 calories. Drink diet soda, water, unsweetened iced tea, sparkling water, or fizzy water instead.


Also, skip shakes and other ice cream refreshments. A big shake may have over 650 calories.

Have your way with it.

Remember, even at fast-food restaurants, you don’t have to accept what comes with your sandwich or meal. Inquire about healthier alternatives and replacements. Also, keep an eye on the portion sizes.

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