Foods to eat when you have gastroenteritis

Foods to eat when you have gastroenteritis

Foods to eat when you have gastroenteritis, It’s crucial to eat normally while suffering from gastroenteritis. In actuality, eating promotes fast intestinal lining healing and helps the body build up strength. On the other hand, skipping meals makes diarrhea worse.

Start out by consuming small meals. Then, based on your hunger and how your condition is improving, progressively increase the amounts.

If you are unable to eat, especially, make sure you rehydrate properly by drinking water or a rehydration solution. Your child can continue to consume ordinary milk undiluted if he or she is breast- or bottle-fed. More frequently and in smaller amounts, please. Read the page Hydrating and rehydrating when you have gastroenteritis for more information on rehydration.


Foods to eat when you have gastroenteritis

  • Pasta
  • Rice
  • Lean meats prepared with little fat
  • Low-fat cooked fish
  • Eggs
  • Fresh fruits, or fruits canned in their own juice
  • Cooked vegetables
  • Sugar-free cereals
  • Bread

You can eat the following foods if you tolerate them well or if they are lactose-free:

  • low-fat yogurt;
  • low-fat cheese;
  • milk.

Foods and drinks to avoid

  • Fruit beverages and fruit juices with a lot of sugar
  • Sports beverages like Gatorade
  • carbonated or soft drinks
  • Coffee-based beverages
  • Boils and boxed or canned soups
  • meals that are fried or high in fat (delicatessen, potato chips, French fries, pastries)
  • Popsicles, jellies, ice cream, and sherbet (such as Jell-O)
  • Fruits that are dried or preserved in syrup
  • sugary cereals
  • Chocolate and candies
  • extremely hot foods

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