I Changed One Small Aspect of My Diet and Lost 15 Pounds

My Diet

It can seem like the world’s most frightening process to try to reduce weight. Although it seems straightforward—just eat well and exercise—in reality, it’s anything but straightforward. I Changed One Small Aspect of My Diet and Lost 15 Pounds

Food tastes good. It is a social gathering. You have to make decisions on it numerous times every day. It’s beautiful, amazing, annoying, and draining.

Exercise is challenging. There are only so many hours in the day, so finding time to exercise can be challenging. It can be challenging to even know what to do in the gym if you’re not a fitness expert. Additionally, it costs a lot to join a gym, and exercising isn’t always enjoyable (although how you feel after usually is).

I’ve been gradually working on enhancing my lifestyle and adjusting my eating habits throughout the years. I started to establish a fairly solid regimen while eating healthier and exercising more. I was far from my optimum fitness, though, and was afraid of doing more since I didn’t want to lose my balance. Balance is the most significant thing to me.

Balance: My Diet

For me, maintaining a healthy weight entails eating plenty of nutritious foods while still indulging in occasional bad delights. It entails having no qualms about taking a day off from the gym to spend time with friends. Saying yes to dining out at delectable establishments with friends and making sporadic stops at fast food joints because, on occasion, convenience is necessary.


By maintaining a healthy lifestyle, balance enables you to avoid feeling overburdened by your health. Because you don’t feel constrained or that you’re losing out on the great things in life, you may maintain a balanced food and exercise program for years.

Let’s face it: one of life’s greatest pleasures is eating and engaging in food-related social interactions.

An Easy Fix

That’s when I found a simple solution.

I didn’t have to sacrifice balance in order to keep getting healthier. Actually, I was able to keep my balance, extend my physical endurance, lose the final few pounds I needed to lose, and eat a generally nutritious diet.

The solution is to keep the balance exactly the same as previously, with one exception. Eat the unhealthy meals in somewhat lesser portions than you did before. You don’t have to eat five slices of pizza just because you’re treating yourself to some. If two or three would satisfy you, go ahead and do that. If that doesn’t quite satisfy you, consider eating a little less and adding a wholesome side, like two slices of pizza and a side salad.

When I switched to this mode of operation, I discovered that I could indulge more regularly while yet feeling just as balanced and full. I don’t feel constrained, I continue to eat the foods I adore, and I continue to relish eating out with friends. I simply consume fewer of those higher-calorie meals.


The weight started to come off after doing this. Additionally, I had only made a single, little adjustment. To see changes, you don’t have to completely change your way of life. With patience and consistency, you can witness your growth over time.

To see changes, you don’t have to completely change your way of life.

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