Pizza as One of the Most Famous Food in London


“Can you imagine combining the fruits of your ornamental house tree with your favorite dish? Would you be courageous enough to swap your regular bread for a multi-flavor gradient sourced from all around the globe? Dear reader, this month we’d like to provide a new recipe for a newly found sort of bread that is quickly becoming one of London’s most popular foods. Pizza is the name given to this platter, which consists of a mixture of cheese, vegetables, and other items you may have never seen before. If there were no connections and trading with other regions of the world, people in London might not be able to sample this delectable cuisine.” …

Pizza’s most revolutionary feature is that it mixes three vital components to create one of the most delicious cuisines ever created. This meal incorporates our London-made bread as well as ingredients from around the world. The meal is produced with an unusual main ingredient, tomato, which is a product of America. Tomatoes were originally discovered in the New World by the Queen’s explorers. We’ve heard that tomatoes may be utilized in a variety of dishes, which is why we’d like to use them in our pizza.

The first to learn about this amazing product was the Spanish explorers, and we are willing to dispatch our own merchants to obtain it. The traders will begin their expedition in London and travel west until they reach the New World, where they will bring us edible tomato varieties (the ones that are consumed by exotic people along the Atlantic Ocean).


Some of our people are afraid that eating tomatoes may make them sick, but our merchants will eat them first with the indigenous of the new planet before bringing them to us. Our merchants will transport grains to the Americas, where they will be exchanged for these tomatoes. Until they reach the new globe, the traders will travel by ship and follow the ‘Columbian’ path. We are aware that the tomatoes can only be found in Hispaniola or the surrounding countries by the merchants.

We hope that the colorful people of Hispaniola will be willing to trade their tomatoes for our grain. Prior excursions to the new world have revealed that the residents are kind, despite the fact that their method of transferring products is complicated by their insistence on executing several rites before concluding the transaction. We’ve told our merchants to keep an eye out for more fantastic ingredients to put on the pizza, such as anchovies and garlic. Some of these ingredients are available in the new world as well.

The other expedition will go in quest of cheese, which is another important ingredient in pizza. We travel inland to Cheshire in search of cheese. In order to go reach the famous Cheshire cheese, the traders will have to cross rivers and pass through villages. The recent floods in the adjacent Suffolk areas brought viruses that wreaked havoc on cattle, and there is no longer any cheese in the London area. As a result, our merchants will travel to Cheshire in horse-drawn carts to collect as much cheese as possible.


It’s crucial to understand that Cheshire Cheese is popular among individuals from all over the world. For example, London merchants will come into contact with traders from Staffordshire, South Lancashire, Shropshire, and perhaps Wales.

Because the demand for Cheshire cheese can be extremely high at times, it’s impossible to predict how much the farmers will charge our merchants for it. Furthermore, it is probable that the Cheshire merchants will only be able to obtain a little quantity of cheese. After all of the pizza, ingredients have been delivered to London, we will host a tasting event for all of the locals in the town square.

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