Russian Salad By Chef Zakir



Potatoes 2

Carrots 2

Apple 1

Walnut 50 gm

Raisin(kishmish) 50 gm

Mayonnaise ½ cup

Black pepper ¼ tsp

Salt to taste

Cream 4 tsp


Boil potatoes and carrots.

Cut apple, potato and carrot into cubes.

Combine boiled carrot, boiled potatoes, apple, walnut, raisin, black pepper, salt, cream in a bowl and mix well.

Serve the delicious Russian salad with grilled chicken and zeera pulao.

To serve, garnish with sliced cucumber and long slices of carrot.

Tips: Boiled green peas or boiled chicken can also be added to the salad.

Russian Salad

Salat Olivye (Russian: салат ливе, tr. salat Olivye) is a traditional Russian salad dish that is also popular in post-Soviet nations and around the world. It’s commonly made with diced boiling potatoes, carrots, brined dill pickles (or cucumber), green peas, eggs, celeriac, onions, diced boiled chicken or bologna sausage (occasionally ham or hot dogs), and tart apples, coated with mayonnaise and seasoned with salt, pepper, and mustard. The meal is widely referred to as Russian salad in various places. Stolichny salad (Russian: салат “тoлин”, “capital city salad”) is a version that is also popular in Russia.


The original form of the salad was created in the 1860s by a Belgian-born chef, Lucien Olivier, of the Hermitage, one of Moscow’s most renowned restaurants. Olivier’s salad immediately became a favourite among regulars at the Hermitage, and it eventually became the restaurant’s hallmark dish.

Ivan Ivanov, one of Olivier’s sous-chefs, sought to steal the recipe at the turn of the century. Olivier was abruptly called away while making the dressing one evening in isolation, as was his routine. Ivanov took advantage of the chance by sneaking into Olivier’s private kitchen and observing his setup, allowing him to make educated guesses regarding the recipe for Olivier’s famous dressing. Ivanov then left Olivier’s employ to work as a cook at Moskva, a slightly lesser restaurant, where he began to offer a strikingly identical salad known as “metropolitan salad” (Russian: тoлин, tr. Stolichny).


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