Sydney Metro power failure investigated

Sydney Metro power failure

Sydney Metro power failure: Authorities in charge of transportation are looking into how a power outage left Sydney Metro commuters stranded on trains.

Sydney Metro power failure: On Monday, two commuter-loaded trains were stranded on the tracks without power for about an hour. Leaving them without lights or air conditioning

When services resumed as usual at about 9.40 am, the event caused significant delays along the line.

According to a Sydney Metro spokeswoman, emergency brakes on the Metro North West Line fired due to a power outage.


A technician was dispatched to manually reset the brakes because operators were unable to release them remotely.

“Unfortunately, this caused considerable network-wide delays. The representative apologized for the inconvenience.

“With the operator, Metro Trains Sydney, Sydney Metro will look into the reason for the delays and how they affect the passengers.

It is unacceptable that passengers had to wait to disembark.


The two commuter trains were eventually moved to the nearest platform so that people could get off.

The Associated Press of Australia

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