Banana Pudding


Vanilla wafers and banana slices are piled in this delightful no-cook recipe for banana pudding. It’s the best banana pudding you’ll ever find, many people have assured me.

Banana Pudding

Prep Time:
25 mins

Total Time:
25 mins


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Everyone should have a reliable recipe for banana pudding in their arsenal, and this one is by far the simplest and tastiest you’ll ever find.


  1. Sliced or to taste, 14 small bananas
  2. Two glasses of cold milk
  3. 1 package of instant vanilla pudding mix (5 ounces)
  4. 1 can of sweetened condensed milk, which is 14 ounces.
  5. 1/4 cup vanilla extract
  6. 1 (12-ounce) carton of thawed frozen whipped cream
  7. 1 package (16 ounces) of vanilla wafers

How to Prepare Banana Pudding

The complete, step-by-step recipe can be found below, but here is a quick rundown of what to anticipate when making homemade banana pudding:

  1. Milk and pudding mix are whisked together.
  2. Vanilla and sweetened condensed milk should be added.
  3. Add the frozen whipped topping and combine.
  4. The mixture is layered with vanilla wafers and banana slices.
How to Prepare Banana Pudding

How can I prevent my bananas from rotting?

Cut bananas should be kept covered for as long as possible because they will begin to oxidize once they are exposed to air. with this dish, we accomplish that by smothering our banana slices with whipped cream and pudding. These layers form a seal that stops air from entering our slices and oxidizing them. Before layering, you can add a little lemon juice to your slices if you want to take an extra precaution to stop them from browning.


Can Banana Pudding Be Frozen?

Banana pudding freezes poorly. Making this dish right before serving shouldn’t be an issue because it is so easy to make! You can rely on there being no leftovers.

Storage and preparation advice

Store leftovers or prepared food in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to two days. In order to prevent wilted, blackened bananas, it is preferable to limit storage to a maximum of two days. Any longer will result in the bananas losing moisture and starting to oxidize. If you don’t like soggy cookies, attempt to complete it sooner (we doubt that’ll be an issue), as the cookies will continue to soften with time (similar to an icebox cake).

Method for Making Banana Pudding Recipe

1. Method

Assemble all the components.

1. Method

2. Method

Large bowl with milk and pudding mix in it. Beat with a whisk for two minutes. Condensed milk should be smoothly blended in. Once the vanilla has been added, mix in the whipped topping.

2. Method

3. Method

In a glass serving bowl, arrange wafers, banana slices, and pudding mixture. then relax. When ready to serve, add more crumbled wafers on top and Enjoy!

3. Method

Keeping Banana Pudding Fresh

Banana pudding can be kept in the fridge for up to three days if it is properly covered with storage wrap. until serving, chill.


Ideas for service.

Although serving banana pudding in trifle bowls is the most traditional method, you may really put anything together to make this dish! For our banana pudding lasagna, your preferred 13″ by 9″ baking dish will do just fine. For more customized servings, create mini versions in mason jars, mini dessert cups, or stemless wine glasses. Want the traditional tastes in a new format? Try one of our banana pudding bars or pops.

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