Best Fast Food Chains to Try on Vacation


Just because you’re in a hurry to get somewhere doesn’t mean you can’t have some delicious food along the way. Fast Food Chains, Top fast food establishments serving delectable breakfast, lunch, and supper, including amazing pizza, sandwiches, salad bars, hot dogs, smoked meats, BBQ, fries, sausages, and other delectable foods, are included on our list.

Next, check out our lists of the 25 Best Fast Food Burgers to Eat on Vacation and the 10 Best Fast Food Desserts to Try on Vacation. Certain attractions may be closed temporarily or require reservations in advance. Currently, some eateries only provide pickup. It’s possible that the hours and availability have changed.

1.McAlister’s Deli

Sandwiches from McAlister’s Deli are the Cadillacs of sandwiches. They’re everything you need for a decent lunch: hot, toasted, pressed, filled with toppings, fresh, and tasty. Except you might also want a cup of their famous sweet tea and a cup of their daily soup.

If you’re concerned about calories, review their nutritional information before piling on your favorite meats and cheeses. Roast beef, ham, smoked meats, turkey, salmon, and so much more are available. Then there are the cheeses — so many to pick from! There’s a reason their cold tea is so popular: it’s prepared from scratch three times a day and served with ice and lemon. You’ll also acquire some vitamins this way.

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Dickey’s began selling hickory-smoked meats in 1941 and has continued to do so ever since. They now have locations around the country, but each one continues to smoke meats on-site, in the restaurant, just as they did in 1941. Dickey’s famed beef brisket, ribs, pulled pork, turkey breast, ham, Polish sausage, and chicken are among the items available.

Meats are available by the pound, in sandwiches, or on a plate with sides. They’ve refined a number of wonderful sides over the years, including jalapeno beans, macaroni and cheese, baked potatoes, and more. Every Sunday, Dickey’s offers complimentary meals to children.

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3.Blaze Pizza

Blaze Pizza engaged the Pizza Whisperer, Executive Chef Bradford Kent, to exceed your expectations when it comes to delicious pizza. And he has a few guidelines: everything must be fresh, the dough must be baked from scratch every day, the ingredients must be healthy and artisanal, and the oven must be really hot.


The result is a tasty pizza that is ready in 180 seconds, crisp on the outside, and loaded with your favorite toppings – you create your own pizza. Unless you prefer your pizza cold, this delectable pie is even better warmed up the next day as leftovers. Just don’t use the microwave to warm this beautiful pizza; the only way to warm it up is in the oven.

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Arby’s sandwiches are referred to as “excellent” by us. They call it “meat craft,” and it refers to the time and effort they spend into making sure their eight types of meat are just right for their scrumptious sandwiches. Every piece of meat, from Angus steak and smoked brisket to roasted chicken breast and wild-caught Alaskan pollock, is hand-selected, sliced fresh, and piled high on freshly baked bread with your favorite salads and dressing.

If you’re having guests around, get a handful of stuffed sliders, and don’t forget to order their legendary curly fries. If you’re wondering what a slider is, it’s a sandwich that’s been cut into bite-sized pieces. They’re served on small soft buns with a filling of your choice, just like sandwiches.

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5.Pie Five

Pie Five has something unique to offer. In five minutes or less, you can get your own personal pizza with whatever toppings you choose. This notion is referred to as “fine, informal, and fast.” Large pizzas that can be sliced and shared are not available. When it comes to dining, the restaurant gives each customer their full and undivided attention. Crispy thin, Neapolitan whole grain, traditional pan, or gluten-free pizza are all available on their 10-inch pizza, which is baked in-house save for the gluten-free option. “Tuscan” marinara, barbecue, spicy sriracha, ranch, buffalo ranch, olive, or alfredo are the sauce options.

You can choose from whole milk mozzarella, ricotta, and cheddar cheeses for cheeses. Pepperoni, ham, grilled chicken, beef, bacon, Italian sausage, and meatballs are among the seven types of meat available. There are also sixteen vegetables included. Isn’t it difficult to make a decision? What makes it even more difficult is that you can choose as many toppings as you want for the same price.

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